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Unit 7

Mrs t's industrialism northern/southern economies

List three improvements in transportation Steamboat, canals, railroads
What improvement was made in communication Telegraph
What were some of the social implications of the new innovations in the years before the civil war Discoveries contributed to increased immigration and expansion of slavery
What led to the U.S. becoming a top producer of steel Bessemer steel process
What led to increased in the number of factories Improved transportation, steam power, trade shut off due to the war of 1812
What was the most significant result of the Erie canal Commerce benefited due to the faster transportation
Fill in the blank - ? , population shift to cities, inventions, expansion of slavery, slave rebellion, ? , immigrants Factory system, reform movement
How did the construction of railroads and canals most benefit northern industry Allowed faster movement of people and goods
Which innovation was MOST responsible for the growth of industry during the 1800s Steam power
Which of the following was not a result industrialization - mechanical reaper, cotton gin, decreased in immigration, Bessemer steel process Decrease in immigration
How did Eli Whitney's development of interchangeable parts affect US manufacturing It increased production, we could now build things more quickly
List the contributing factors to the development of the plantation system in the southern states Geography of the south - mild climate, long growing season, Triangular trade
What did the Missouri compromise accomplish It decreased the sectional disputes between the north and the south
What was a benefit of the free enterprise system in the US during the 19th century We became less dependent on foreign products
The cotton gin increased the production of cotton in the south;this led directly into an increase of Increased need for slave labor
List three inventions that made clothing production easier Cotton gin, spinning Jenny, sewing machine
New inventions affected the U.S. economy in what ways Increased production of goods, which increased profits
All of the inventions during this time period led to an increase of what Productivity
What impact did the development of the steamboat have on farming in the US Farmers could get their crops to market faster
What led to a population boom (increase) in cities during this time period Industrialism
What contributed to industrialism Mechanical reaper, cotton gin, Bessemer steel process
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