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Ch. 13 review-career

the gathering and studying of information about the buying habits of consumers to determine what goods and services to produce market research
facts about the population in terms of age, gender, income, and education demographics
a particular means of directing products from producers to consumers, such as a wholesaler or retailer channel of distribution
selling goods and services directly from producers to consumers without using intermediaries direct distribution
moving goods from producers to consumers using one or more intermediaries indirect distribution
a business that sells goods or services directly to the public retailer
moving the product from manufacturer to the final user is this, or a go-between intermediaries
Marketers must figure out a price for a product so that a company can make a profit. True
To successfully market a product, companies must understand their consumers wants and needs. True
Processing is part of the marketing mix. False
Teenagers are an example of target marketing. True
A new product is introduced before it is test marketed. False
You can use the same strategy to market a skateboard and diamond earrings. False
Businesses knowing what its customers' wants and needs marketing concepts
moving good from one place to the end user distribution
who sells goods directly to the customer retailer
used to introduce the product publicity
what are product, place, price, and promotion? marketing mix
what is the word for a go-between? intermediary
super markets, drug-stores, and department stores are examples of what? retailers
building customer loyalty through good customer relations relationship marketing
a group that a product is marketed to target market
what are the tactics that make up marketing mix? product, place, price, promotion
free advertising for a product publicity
making customers aware of a product promotion
involves one or more intermediaries indirect distribution
gathering info about consumers market research
the particular way a product is directed to customers channel of distribution
finding and analyzing potential consumers for a product target marketing
a plan for how to market a product or services to consumers marketing concept
the process of creating, promoting, and presenting a product to meet the wants and needs of consumers marketing
a group of customers who share common wants and needs market
the amount of money a company has to make on a product to pay for the cost of producing it break-even point
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