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Define a Project management? applying knowledge, skills and processes to specific activities in order to meet deadlines and achieve desired results
Define a Project? a sequence of tasks that must be accomplished within a certain time frame to achieve a desired result
A unit of work during a project Task
A person, department or device needed to accomplish a task Resource
The appointment of a specific resource to a specific task Assignment
Define a Scope? the goals and tasks of a project, and the work required to complete them
Gradual increases in project scope that occur in small increments over time Scope creep
What are the Factors that affect every project Time, Money, Scope
An internal or in-house Web site used only by employees within a company Intranet
An internal network designed to provide access to selected external users; is not available to the Internet public? Extranet
Webinars and Web conferences? online training or conference sessions that utilize Internet technology to provide interactive and presentation elements to users
Audio/video Web events that are distributed over the Internet? Webcasts
The traditional way to connect groups and individuals via telephone conference calls? Voice conferencing
Project teamwork in which team members review the work of another team member and vice versa? Separation of duties
International benchmark for systemizing processes to help organizations produce products and services that meet government regulations and the quality standards set by customers? ISO 9000 standards
Seeks to identify and eliminate the causes of defects and errors in manufacturing and business processes in an effort to reach? near-perfection Six Sigma methodology
IT projects are bound by the rules and policies that govern the organization? Organizational rules and policies
Acquire the necessary tools to accomplish their tasks Receive clear, detailed objectives and instructions so they can produce the proper deliverables IT professionals have the right to
IT professionals have the responsibility to: Provide services in a timely, cost-effective, secure manner Keep workflow interruptions and system downtime to a minimum
five phases that define the activities and events that occur from the beginning of a program through to its conclusion Program management life cycle
Benefits management Stakeholder management Program governance Program management consists of:
the process of managing multiple interdependent projects to improve the performance of an organization Program management
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