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Indian Removal

Chapter 7-9 Review

Who were the Indians who wanted to change from the old ways? Progressives
What was the most important event for Southeastern Indians, the purpose was to restore harmony? Green Corn Ceremony
Who are the Five Tribes? Cherokee, Creek, Seminole, Chickasaw, Choctaw
Who were the Indians that resisted cultural change? Traditionalists
What is a system of written characters representing syllables, such as the one Sequoyah developed? Syllabary
What are diseases, such as smallpox, measles, etc., that affects a very large number of individuals within a population or community at the same time Epidemic Diseases
What is trading goods for other goods? Barter
What is a change in a group’s customs and habits by adapting to or borrowing those of another people? Acculturation
This is a political unit centered in a village and covering several square miles. Chiefdom
Another name for change in residence or resettlement Removal
What is money paid in yearly amounts over a certain period of time? Annuity
This is a person who moves OUT of his or her home region or country Emigrant
What is the name of the mounted police used by the Choctaws? Lighthorse
What is the word for basic food and clothing needs? Subsistence
What is the name of the mounted highly-decorated infantry sent by the Stokes Commission to impress western Indians? Dragoons
What is is called to be absorbed into, or made part of a different society or culture? Assimilation
This is an assignment of land to an individual, up to a square mile in size Allotment
What are buildings, roads, and other additions to land that increase the value of the land? Improvements
What is the name of the riverboat that can go upstream, propelled by a steam-driven paddle wheel Stern-wheelers
Which division of government ADMINISTERS the laws? Executive Branch
Which division of government INTERPRETS the laws? Judicial Branch
What is the name of the document listing the people’s powers of free action that government cannot interfere with? Bill of Rights
This is land set aside for Indian tribes to live on Reservation
Which division of government MAKES the laws? Legislative Branch
What is the name of a conflict that involves revenge killings? Blood Feud
What is a large religious congregation called (example: Baptist, Methodist)? Denomination
How did the US government initially treat the Indian nations? Like sovereign nations
Which organization was in charge of supervising Indian affairs? Bureau of Indian Affairs
What was the goal of the US government before removal? Transform the Indians to be more "white"
What were some of the ways the Indians tried to be like the white settlers? Converted to Christianity, learned English, ate meals at regular times, dressed in proper clothes, farmed
Why were the progressives willing to accept acculturation? They thought it would make them seem more "civilized" and preserve their tribal independence
Where did the Five Tribes live? Southeastern U.S.
Who owned the households? The women
What were the two plans that Jefferson had for the Indians? Assimilation and Removal
What did the southeastern Indians do after a person died? Shouted and danced so that the ghost would be frightened and go in the sky
Why did the Choctaws show loyalty to both France and Spain? The showed allegiance to whoever was in charge of New Orleans
What did Jefferson purchase with the hopes of moving Indians there? Louisiana Territory
How did the Osage view the new tribes coming into their territory? As intruders/enemies
Which president hoped the Indians would leave their land voluntarily because he found removal "revolting"? James Monroe
Which Creek Indian was murdered for signing a treaty for removal? William McIntosh
What was the name of the law Jackson signed to allow for forceful removal of Native Americans? Indian Removal Act
Who was the first tribe to be removed? Choctaw
. In what decade did these removals take place? 1830s
Which Cherokee signed a treaty in favor of removal, angering a large portion of his tribe? Major Ridge
What percentage of Cherokees died during the Trail of Tears? 13%
What was the name of the commission that Jackson sent to Oklahoma to oversee Indian affairs? Stokes Commission
Did people travel through Oklahoma or to Oklahoma? THROUGH
The Native Americans were the first Oklahomans to write a what? Constitution
What are the three branches of government in the Choctaw Constitution? Legislative, Judicial, Executive
Which tribe engaged in a blood feud for 7 years while in Oklahoma? Cherokee
What prominent Cherokee put an end to the blood feud? Sequoyah
How was slavery different in Oklahoma compared to the southeast states? They were treated much better by their Indian owners, given land to cultivate and married Indian women.
Which two rivers were the only 2 that were consistently deep enough to travel by boat? Red and Arkansas
What were the two main trails that went through Oklahoma? California Trail and Butterfield Overland Mail Route
What did Alfred Wright organize in Oklahoma? The oldest church in Oklahoma
What was unique about some of the females that came to Oklahoma in the 1830s? They were unmarried teachers, willing to brave a new land to teach.
What was different about the Cherokee schools? They were not built by religious groups but rather by the Cherokees themselves
What tribe signed the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit? Choctaw
What tribe signed the Treaty of Pontotoc? Chickasaw
What tribe signed the Treaty of New Echota? Cherokee
What tribe signed the Treaty of Washington? Creeks
What tribe signed the Treaty of Payne's Landing? Seminoles
In what region did the Cherokees settle? Northeast Oklahoma
In what region did the Creeks settle? Central Oklahoma
In what region did the Seminoles settle? Tiny, snakelike sliver in central/west Oklahoma
In what region did the Choctaws settle? Southeast Oklahoma
In what region did the Chickasaws settle? South-Central Oklahoma
Created by: Mrscordray
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