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Lesson 12

4th Grade Social Studies

nomad people who move their homes searching for food and water
wigwams small homes built by the Algonquins
sweat lodges buildings where heated rocks were placed in water
longhouses long houses that were built by the Iroquois to house many families
bartering trading goods or services
wampum strings of beads the Iroquois used to record stories and events: also was used as means of trading for items or to show a peace treaty
Were Pennsylvania's native Americans nomads? No, PA's native Americans were not nomadic peoples
Why did Native Americans use sweat lodges? They were meant to cure illness and clean the body
What was the job of the women? Take care of children, grow food, take care of the house
What was the job of the men? Clear land, build the house and hunt
What was the job of the children? the boys learned the jobs of the men and the girls learned the jobs of the men
Did the Native Americans use money No, the Native Americans had no money system
How did the Native Americans get goods or services that they didn't have? They bartered for goods or services. Sometimes they used wampum.
How many different types of wampum are there? black wampum - for sadness white wampum for peace
What was the primary means of travel for the native americans? land paths
If Native Americans had to travel on water what did they use? canoe
How did Native American religion relate to animals and nature? They believed the spirits of the animals and natural world were with them. They would be punished if they treated them badly and have good fortune if they treated them well.
Created by: czeponis