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AH Chapter 18-19Test

American History By Anna Johnson

Progressivism A movement that wanted to achieve political and social reform
Secret Ballot A voting system that was more private.
Direct Primamries Nominating a party's candidate by popular vote.
Iniatiative A process in which the voters initiate legislation by making petitions that will make a change.
Referendum Allowing voters to vote about whether a law should be passed or not.
Recall A voters right to vote to take someone out of office.
Trust-Busting Breaking up business monopolies
16th amandment Made income tax
17th amendment direct election of US senators
18th amendment prohibition
19th amendment women suffrage
Prohibition The banning of selling and consuming alcoholic beverages.
Muckrakers People who exposed abuse and corruption in businesses and more.
Square deal Roosevelt's belief that everyone should be equal.
Hepburn Act Made railroads have to set rates.
Central Powers Germany and Austria
Allies France, Britain and russia
Victoriano Huerta Military Leader that murdered president of mexico
William Jennings Bryan A secretary of state that had no experience and had no knowledge of international affairs
Pancho Villa sought ot raise his popularity by becoming a chief enemy of the american "gringos"
John J. pershing An american general sent to mexico with 11,000 troops to take care of the bandit business.
lusitania After a warning Germany shot and sunk this ship.
Sussex Pledge wilson's way of quieting the seas for a while
Unrestricted Submarine War Germans replied to Wilson's "peace without victory" with this
Selective Service All men from 18-45 required to register for the draft in 1918
Dough boy a soldier's special ballads about the war and anthem of american soldiers
Zimmerman Telegraph This brought the Americans into the war.
Fourteen Points Wilson's objectives to the end of the war and what should happen
Armistice The mark of the Great War being over
Big Four US's Wilson, France's Clemenceau, Italy's Orlando and Britain's George. a group called
league of nations a general association of nations for the granting independence of regular countries
"war guilt" clause Germany was forced to sign this even though they were not in any of the negociations
Repartions Germany had to pay for everything and US felt bad so they gave Germany a blank check for this
events in order 1 Austria declares war on serbia
events in order 2 Germany declares war on france
events in order 3 Great Britain declares war on Germany
events in order 4 Russia declares war on Austria
Events that sparked WWI Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand
2 Provisions that Germany was not okay with but they had to agree to Treaty of Versailles and War-Guilt clause
how was Great Britain brought into the war? Germany invaded England
President Wilson's action that he reprensented He just wanted peace and nothing else his colleagues disagreed
Frances Clemenceau's action that he reprensented he said he was behind Wilson but all he really wanted was revenge against Germany
Italy's Orlando's action that he represented he just wanted his country to get a lot of money for being a big part in the war when in actuality his country did nothing
Britain's George's action that he represented He just wanted his country to stay in control of the seas
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