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Transcript Format

An attorney is often referred to as "Council." False - Counsel
If you do not know the prosecutor's name, you should show him in a transcript as "THE PROSECUTOR." False - Find out name
If the Judge orders something stricken from the record, it should not be typed in the transcript. False
Exhibits should be marked consecutively whether they are introduced by the Plaintiff or by the Defendant. True
If the Judge administers the oath to a witness, the transcript should show that the witness was sworn by the Clerk. False - By the Court
It is considered a "must" to indicate the time a recess is taken. True
A transcript page may contain less than 25 lines since the court rule only suggests that it contain 25 lines. False
If an attorney uses improper grammar during a trial, you should clean it up on the transcript so it doesn't appear that he/she is stupid. False
Your certification designation and number must appear after your name on the title sheet of each transcript you produce. True
Quoted materials should be indented 20 spaces from the left margin; carry-over lint 15 spaces from the left margins. False - 15 spaces, carry-over line 10 spaces
Colloquy should be indented 15 spaces from the left margin; carry-over line at 5 spaces from left margin. True
If Mr. Smith spells his name for the record, it should be shown as S-m-i-t-h. True
You must list on the table of contents page the names of all witnesses and exhibits. If there were no witnesses or exhibits, the table of contents page should so indicate. True
The Judge is referred to as "THE COURT" in a transcript. True
It is not necessary to note the time a witness is sworn. False
The type of proceeding must be shown on the title page of a transcript. True
An attorney, during court proceedings, may direct the Recorder to go off the record. False - Only the Court may do so
When the Q and A chain is broken by colloquy during testimony, you must indemnify who is doing the questioning by setting forth "BY MR. OR MS. SO & SO" before the next question. True
When a witness is excused, the parenthetical should be: (At 2:40 p.m., witness excused) (Witness excused at 2:40 p.m.) (Whereupon, at 2:40 p.m., the witness was excused)
In response to the question, "Where do you live?" the following transcript form is correct? 2225 Electric Avenue, Detroit, Michigan. 2225 Electric Ave., Detroit, Michigan. 2225 Electric Avenue, Detroit, MI
Colloquy is indented how many spaces from the left margin? Fifteen spaces. Ten spaces. Twenty spaces.
Colloquy is: Both A & B A. Discussion between the Court and counsel. B. Discussion between the prosecutor and defense attorney.
Parentheticals begin how many spaces from the left margin? Fifteen spaces. Five spaces. Twenty spaces.
The title page must have: The name of the Judge hearing the case. The witnesses' name listed. Lines numbers on left margin.
Which of the following must be shown on the Table of Contents? Names of witnesses. Addresses of witnesses. Page witness was excused.
A three-day trial transcript should consist of how many volumes? Three One Two
True or False - When a witness shakes his head up and down, it should be noted in the transcript that the witness nods in the affirmation. False - should be indicating
When a statement is "inaudible," it is the responsibility of the recorder to ask the person to repeat what was said. True
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