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West Africa

West African Civilization

What is Islam? A religion.
Who is Sunni Ali Ber? The king of Songhai.
Where is Songhai located? In West Africa.
What is a siege? A military plan in which the attacking army cuts off supplies to the defenders.
What did Askia Muhammad do to strengthened and spread Islam? By conquering new lands.
Why was Arabic important to Songhai? It provided a common language for traders to arrange deals and keep records.
Where did Sunni Ali Ber extend Songhai's empire? He extended Songhai's empire along the Niger's river.
What kind of tales did families share? Shared folk tales
What are griots'? Professional storytellers and oral historians.
What is the most widely used instrument? The drums
Where was music and dance performed? In religious ceremonies, funerals, festivals, celebrations, birth, marriage, and coming of adulthood.
Why did West Africans create art? To show off their wealth and power, and a way for artists to record events and people.
Why did families use folk tales? To entertain and to teach young people from right and wrong
How did art and music help West Africans' lives? To document West Africans' history and culture and to teach young people responsibilities and honor the dead and to lull babies to sleep
When did West African traditions spread to America? In the beginning of the 1500s, when many West Africans were taken to the Americas as slaves, bringing their traditions with them.
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