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Ch. 11 Section 1

What was the Industrial Revolution? An era where factory machines replaced hand tools and manufacturing replaced farming as main form of work.
Where were the first U.S. factories? Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Southern Massachusetts.
What did Lowell Mills manufacture? Textile.
What were interchangeable parts? Parts that are exactly alike.
How did interchangeable parts change factory work? They sped up production.
How did inventions change transportation and communication in the U.S.? It improved.
How did the telegraph change communication in the United States? It brought more national unity.
What inventions improved agriculture? The steel plow, reaper, and the threshing machine.
How did the steel plow improve agriculture? It helped mid western farmers become a market fore Northeastern manufactured goods.
What did Sam Slater invent? Water powered textile Mills.
What did Robert Fulton invent? The Steamboat.
What did Samuel Morse invent? The Telegraph.
Who worked in the Lowell Mills? Farm girls who lived in company-owned boardinghouses.
Created by: jgutowski19