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Ch 10-Jefferson Era

Study Stack for Chapter 10

Marbury v Madison established? Judicial Review
What did Toussaint L'Ovuverture do? He defeated Napoleon in Haiti which forced Napoleon to abandon his plans for an empire in America
Prohibited trade with other countries Embargo Act
The Prophet urged Native Americans to return to the customs of their ancestors.
Who was the Chief Justice during the Marbury V Madison case? John Marshall
The treaty of Ghent ended what war? War of 1812
Which amendment set the requirements for Presidential elections? 12th
What french ruler wanted to build an empire in the Americans and had to sell the Louisiana Territory? Napoleon Bonparte
Where was the Star Spangled Banner written and by whom? Ft McHenry, Francis Scott Key
This person was the hero of Battle of New Orleans Andrew Jackson
The Federalists held a convention n Hartford to... resume trade with GB
Where are the Barbary States located? North Africa
Madison asked Congress to declare war on GB in? 1812
What was the name of the act created by Jefferson to avoid war with GB and France? Embargo Act
What are the three principles of Judicial Review? 1) The Constitution is the supreme law of the land 2) Th Constitution must be followed when there is conflict 3) The Judicial Branch can declare laws unconstitutional
Custom duties are taxes on? imported goods
What doubled the size of the US? Louisiana Territory
How much was the Louisiana Territory? 15 million
What group wanted to go to war? WarHawks
Who guided Lewis and Clark on their voyage? Sacagawea
Who were the Presidential candidates in 1800? Jefferson and Adams
What explorer has a Peak named for him in Colorado? Pike
The Election of 1800 was decided by the House
Amount of time it took Lewis and Clark to reach the Pacific Ocean 18 months
Judges appointed by Adams in the last hours of his presidency were called midnight judges
Killed in a duel with Burr in 1804 Alexander Hamilton
Federalists planned to secede from The United States
Neutrality Not taking a side during war
Tecumseh Shawnee chief built a confederacy among Native American nations
Calhoun and Clay wanted to go to war with England
Impressment stopping American ships and forcing American sailors into the British Navy
During the burning of Washington DC during the War of 1812, what two buildings were set on fire The Capitol and the White House
Effects of the War of 1812: Nationalism and patriotism grew, United States gaining worldwide respect, Federalist party losing strength, Warhawks gain power in the Republican party.
Created by: mccrears