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Early Republic 2

In 1807, what acts did Jefferson pass to punish the British for impressing Americans and cutting of free trade? The Embargo Acts, which ultimately hurt American trade more than British
List 3 causes of the War of 1812 1.British impressment 2. British blockades 3. American desire for land in Canada (think War Hawks)
Who sold Jefferson the Louisiana Territory, doubling the size of the U.S. and giving U.S. control of the Mississippi? Napoleon Bonaparte of France to fund his revolution
Who were the two leading War Hawks, pressing for war with the British due to extreme nationalism and desire to land in Canada? Henry Clay and John C. Calhoun
The Treaty of Ghent ended what war, reaffirming the U.S.'s position as a respectable nation and leading to the Era of Good Feelings? The War of 1812
What future President gained fame by defeating the British at the Battle of New Orleans during the War of 1812 that was actually fought after the Treaty of Ghent had been signed? Andrew Jackson
What is sectionalism? loyalty to one's region
What is nationalism? pride/loyalty to one's country (as a whole)
List 3 positions of the South on sectional issues. low tariffs, slave labor, low western land prices, states rights
List 3 positions of the North on sectional issues high tariffs, free labor, high western land prices, national sovereignty
Who was a major supporter of states' rights? The Southerner, John C. Calhoun
What plan of Clay's was designed to unite the nation through the mutually beneficial growth of industries aided by high tariffs, a national bank and internal improvements? The American System
What period is characterized by national unity and end of the Federalist party following the War of 1812? The Era of Good Feelings, which was shortly ended by sectional disputes
What event of 1820 briefly preserved the Union by keeping the balance between slave and free states? Missouri Compromise
As part of the Missouri Compromise, what was decided for the remaining Louisiana Territory that was north of 36 degrees latitude? slavery would be banned (closed to slavery)
In 1823, what was the foreign policy that warned European nations that the U.S. would not allow any more colonies to be created in the Americas? the Monroe Doctrine
Name 3 foreign policies that tried to limit conflict with Europeans. Hint 1793, 1807, 1823 Washington's Neutrality Proclamation, Jefferson's Embargo Act, Monroe Doctrine
What court case, under the leadership of John Marshall, affirmed the power of the national government to regulate ALL activities involved in interstate commerce? Gibbons V. Ogden
What court case, under the leadership of John Marshall, reaffirmed the power of the national government establish banks, and that states had no right to interfere with national institutions? McCulloch V. Maryland
Under the leadership of Chief Justice John Marshall, whose power was expanded? the national government (including the Judicial branch)
What court cases established the principle of Judicial review in 1803? Marbury V. Madison
What was referred to as the Second War of Independence? War of 1812
What foreign policy was announced to limited Europe's involvement in the Western Hemisphere by limiting colonization? Monroe Doctrine
Under what treaty did the U.S. become a transcontinental nation by giving US territory to the Pacific Ocean? Adams-Onis Treaty
In the Convention of 1818 with Britain, where did Americans gain the right to settle? Oregon Country
Who did Andrew Jackson seize Florida territory from in 1819? The Spanish
What treaty settled disputes over Florida and Texas with Spain? This gave the US Florida, while giving up claims to territory in Texas to Spain. The Adams-Onis Treaty
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