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Age of Exploration

Section 6: Chapt 1: Pgs 146-152: Why did it begin?

Why did western European countries look for a new route to the East? The demand for spices, The support of rulers throughout Europe, Improvement in shipbuilding and navigation, the Renaissance and Myths and legends.
Name three spices the were popular in Europe Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Pepper.
For what purposes were spices used? To preserve foods, add flavor and cure disease.
Give two reasons why rulers wanted to sponsor voyages of exploration. To gain control of the spice trade from the east. To build an empire. this would make them rich and powerful.
What was a caravel? In 1400, the Portugese invented a new type of ship that was fast and easy to manoeuver, triangular latten sails were added so that they could sail into the wind. They had strong clinker-built hulls. These were called caravels.
Name an instrument of navigation and explain what its used for. Astrolabe measured the ship position north or south of the equator.
How did the Renaissance influence the Age of Exploration? A Greek geographer Ptolemy made many maps of the world. Mapmakers throughout Europe used his work to make more accurate maps.
Give the name of two myths or legends that led to voyages of discovery. Prester John, a Christian King in Africa El Dorado - a wealthy city with a chief covered in gold dust.
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