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Social Studies(WWI)

This is for a test on 02/27/15

Who was the czar of Russia? Czar Nicholas II
Who was the premier of France? G. Clemenceau
Who was the prime Minister of Great Britain? David Lloyd George
Who was the president of the US? Woodrow Wilson
Who was the premier of Italy? V. Orlando
Who was the emperor of the Austria-Hungarian Empire? Franz Josef
Who was the kaiser of Germany? Wilhelm II
Where was the western front located? On the frontline of France
Where was the eastern front located? Along the borders of Germany and Russia
Where was the Italian front located? In Italy
What made the Somme War so different from the others? It was the bloodiest war in all of history.
What were the blimps called in WWI? Zeppelins
What was one disadvantage of fighting in the trenches? Trench foot, rats, wet,cold,hard to get in and out,dirty,unhygienic,and lack of space for dead bodies
What was one advantage of fighting in the trenches? Easy to make, easy to defend, cheap to build, they don't require a lot of man power to defend
_______ in WWI caused more loss of life than any other war in history. Mechanization (mechanical weapons)
Women were not allowed to do what during WWI? They were not allowed in comabt. Women were only allowed to act as nurses, secrateries, phone operators, and other office related jobs.
What was the Schlieffen Plan? 1.Attack France(defeat them) 2.Attack Russia before they mobilize 3. Don't worry about Belgium or Britain (Went through Belgium)
What went wrong with the Schlieffen Plan? Belgium fought back. Russia mobilized quickly and France didn't give up.
Who were Czar Nicholas's II followers? Mensheviks
Who were Lenin's followers? Bolsheviks
Who fought in the Russian Revolution? Mensheviks and Bolsheviks
What was the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk? An armistice that Russia signed to be pulled out of the war becuase they had to fight a civil war in their country.
Who were the "Black Hand"? A Serbian Nationalist group that assassinated Archduke Ferdinand.
What event sparked the start of WWI? Why was this important to Austrian-Hungary Empire? The Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand. He was the heir to the Austrian-Hungary Empire.
What was another nickname(s) for WWI? The Great War or The War To End All Wars
What countries made up the Triple Alliance(Central Powers)? Germany,Italy,Austria-Hungary Empire
What countries made up the Triple Entente(Allied Powers)? France, Great Britiain, Russia
What were some examples of new technology/weapons used in WWI? Poison gas, machine guns, mortars
What were some reasons why the Russian people were against their monarchy/czar? Czar abusing his power, high taxes,high unemployment
What Czar and family did the Bolsheviks kill? Czar Nicholas II and the Romanov family
Why did Russia drop out of WWI? They had to fight a civil war in their own country. Lacked resources.
What was Russia's new name? Soviet Union
What ship did the German's sink? Why was this so shocking? The Lusitania. 120 innocent Americans were killed.
What did the Germans want Mexico to due? (Zimmerman telegram) They wanted Mexico to enter war, attack US and they would get money and land they lost during Mexican war.
Why did the US finally enter WWI? The Lusitania,the Zimmerman Note,Housatonic,and the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
When was the armistice to end the fighting signed? Nov. 11, at 11am, 1918 (11-11-11)
What happened to Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany? He was forced out of the throne.
What kind of government did Germany try to put in place? A republic
Which new nations were formed from the empire of Austria-Hungary? Austria-Hungary, Yugoslavia, Estonia, Czechoslovakia, Hungary
Which new nations were formed from the territory that once belonged to Russia? Estonia,Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland
Who were the Big Four? Great Britain, Italy, US, and France
President Wilson created the Fourteen Points, what did this document propose for peace? To create the League of Nations
What were the results of the Treaty of Versailles? Ended war between Germany and the Allied Powers.
What was the "War Guilt Clause" of the treaty of Versailles? Forced Germany to take 100% of the blame of WWI
Why was Italy angry with the Treaty of Versailles? They didn't get any land.
What was the purpose of the League of Nations? To create peace and prevent war.
Why did the League of Nations fail? Not enough money, not all countries joined, no military
AFTERMATH OF WWI: Why was this supposed to be the "The War To End All Wars"? Allow Germany to rise up again and start another war
In return for fighting on the side of the Allies, what were the countries of the Middle East promised? Land and Independence
The Allies created the Mandate System, what happened to the Middle Eastern countries under this system? They became temporary colonies.
What is a mandate? A temporary colony
What was the Treaty of Versailles? When was it signed? It ended the state of war between Germany and the Allied Powers. June 28, 1919.(Exactly five years after the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand)
Created by: Camryn_O'Baker


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