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S. S. Chapter 7+8

Inauguration Official passing of power from one president to another
Cabinent Three departments to help and aid the president, chosen advisors
Tarrifs Tax on imported goods
Residence ACt Move the capital to the south (VA and MA)
Potamac River Next to the White House
Conservative Interpretation We can only do what the Constitution allowed us to do
Liberal Interpretation If it's not written in the Constitution, we can do it
Whiskey Rebellion Tax on whiskey that angered many but GW kept the taxes
Neutrality Proclamation U. S. did not take sides in the European conflicts
Isolationsism Did not take sides on French or English
Jay's Treaty Negotiated agreement with GB to avoid being drawn into war
Sectionalism The country was divided into sections
Federalists Liked big government, liberal, if it doesn't say we can't, we can
Democratic Republicans Small government, limited government, power for the state, lead by Thomas Jefferson and Madison
XYZ Affair France demanded an apology, loan, and bribe because they seized American ships
Alien and Sedition Act Imprisonment or expel foreigners, fine, or jail those against the government
KY and VA Resolution Claimed the states had the power to ignore a federal law if they deemed in unconstitutional
12th Amendment Electors vote a president and vice president
The Duel Burr challenged Hamilton, he ended up killing Hamilton
Louisiana Purchase Largest land deal in history, Jefferson sent Monroe to buy the land from Napolean
Louis and Clark Mapped the Louisiana territory
Sacagewea Very knowledgeable to Louis and Clark
Barbary Wars Wanted protection money for sailing in the Mediterranian
Orders of Concil Forbid neutrals from trading with France
Impressment Britain took Americans and made them work for their Navy
Embargo Act Stopped shiops to all foreign parts
Tecumseh Resisted American forces, formed alliances for survival, Great Lakes to Gulf of Mexico
Battle of Tippecanoe William Henry Harrison won this battle
War Hawks Southwest, wanted war
Old Ironsides U. S. S. Constitution, lasted and won multiple battles
Dolley Madison Saved national artifacts (GW portrait)
Battle of New Orleans Fought after war, U. S. victory, Andrew Jackson was a national hero
Treaty of Ghent Ended the War of 1812, peace between Great Britain and America
Francis Scott Key Wrote Star Spangled Banner
Ft. McHenery War Key watched while writing the Star Spangled Banner
Created by: archergirl