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feb 17-20 snow day

Has vocabulary,study questions & CCC questions

Define: Dust Bowl area of the great plains that was hit by the severe drought (low rainfall) that lasted through most of the 1930s. As the land tried out, high winds often blew the topsiol into large dust storms.
Define: Drought Area that has had very few rainfall than normal for a long time
Define:Franklin Roosevelt served as Pres. 1933-1945 was elected as the Great Depression grew especially bad in 1932.
Define:Eleanor Roosevelt wife of Pres. Franklin Roosevelt- was an american politician, diplomat, and advist.
Define:New Deal Term for the many programs and agencies created by Pres. Franklin Roosevelt and congress during the Great Depression.
Define: WPA (Works Progress Admin) One of the new deal programs created by Pres. Franklin Roosevelt and congress during the Great Depression. It was mainly designed to create jobs for unemployed workers
Define: AAA (Agricultural Adjustment Administration) A new deal program created to help farmers during the Great Depression. reate a better balance between what farms were producing and what buyers needed.
Define:CCC Civilian Conservation Corps.two main goals:create jobs for unemployed young men, and improve the environment. worked in national parks to create hiking trails and roads,and planted trees to reduce the erosion of the soil in farming areas
Define: Social Security Act Act providing general welfare by creating a system of Fed. Old- age benefits, also for aged people, blind persons, children and widows.
Define:National Labor Relations Act. a law passed during the Great Dpression to help improve the rights of workers and labor unions. Passed by congress in 1935
1. How did the good times during the 1920s lead to some of the problems during the Great Depression? People overspecuated on stocks, using borrowed money that they couldn’t repay when stock prices crashed.
2. What was the Great Depression? (I'll start your off: It was a time period of...) severe reduction in business activity, rise in unemployment, and falling wages.
3. What were three causes of the Great Depression? People overspeculated on stocks, using borrowed money that they could not repay when stock prices crashed. The Federal Reserve failed to prevent the collapse of the banking system and high tariffs discouraged international trade
4. What is a tariff? A type of tax paid on imports or exports.
5. How did the US having high tariffs hurt international trade? having high tariffs discouraged international trade.
6. When other countries saw we had high tariffs on some of their goods, what did they do? The supply goes down.
7. What is the Federal Reserve? It was the nations central bank.
8. Is the Federal Reserve still around? Yes
9. What was/is a run on a bank? when a large number of customers withdraw their deposits from a financial institution at the same time and either demand cash or transfer those funds into government bonds
13. Who was president when the Great Depression started? Herbert Hoover
16. Who was president next? Franklin D Roosevelt
17. What was his program called? The New Deal
18. Where did many homeless people set up camp when they lost their homes? (What did they call those places?) Hooverville
How long did the Great Depression last? 1930-39
20. We know for sure that FDR's programs cured the Great Depression? Yes, he created these programs • Social Security • Federal work programs • Environmental improvement programs • Farm assistance programs • Increased rights for labor
21. What was the Dust Bowl? ( I'll start you off, "The Dust Bowl was an area of the country that...) had a severe drought in the Great Plains covered part of it with dust, hurting the farmers even more.
22. What did many farmers have to do if they had farms in the Dust Bowl?] Raised the prices on their crops.
23. Was the Dust Bowl a cause of the Great Depression? No because it happened a few years after the G.D happened but it led to hundreds of thousands of people of people to leave the area and some of them might’ve ended up homeless.
24. What caused the Dust Bowl? Caused by severe drought and wind erosion of dirt.
26. What percent of US workers were unemployed during the Great Depression? 25 percent
What is CCC? Civilian Concervation Corps
why is the CCC important? 13,600,000 people were unemployed in the United States.President Franklin Roosevelt,two days called a meeting of government officials to create a Civilian Conservation
intended to put 500,000 unemployed youths CCC employed more than three million men. it built more than 40,000 bridges, planted two billion trees,restored nearly 4,000 historic sites and structures, improved thousands of beaches, roads and shorelines, and created 800 state parks, six in Virginia.
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