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US History Chapter 6

1. mucracker a journalist who uncovers abuses and corruption in a society
2. direct primary a vote held by all members of a political party to decide their candidate for public office
3. initiative the right of citizens to place a measure or issue before the voters or the legislature for approval
4. referendum the practice of letting voters accept or reject measures proposed by the legislature
5. recall the right that enables voters to remove unsatisfactory elected officials from office
6. suffrage the right to vote
7. prohibition laws banning the manufacture, transportation, and sale of alcoholic beverages
8. arbitration settling a dispute by agreeing to a accept the decision of an impartial outsider
9. Social Darwinism a philosophy, based on Charles Darwin's theories of evolution and natural selection, stating that humans have developed through competition and natural selection with only the strongest surviving
10. insubordination disobedience to authority
11. income tax a tax based on the net income of a person or business
12. unfair trade practices trading practices that derive a gain at the expense of competition
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