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8 - Australia

Australia 7th grade

Most of the land in Australia is used for raising Livestock
An animal that carries its baby in a pouch is called a Marsupial
Huge underground water source for Australia Great Artesian Basin
Best direction of Australia for growing crops and where most people live (hint: 2 rivers are here) Southeast
Majority of the people live in the Outback or on the coast Coast
Ocean located between Australia & Africa Indian
Which Australian territory is an island Tasmania
A place in the Outback where animals are raised; basically a big ranch Station
The major religion in Australia Christian
The overall population of Australia is best described as low or high Low
The Great Barrier Reef is located off which coast of Australia (direction) Northeast
The climate of Australia is best described as Warm
A huge portion (2/3 of the continent) is covered by this physical feature Desert
Australia and New Zealand both have this type of government Democracy
The very first inhabitants of Australia were the Aborigines
Australia (like the US) was once colonized by England
TRUE or FALSE: The Great Barrier Reef is made up of sea animal skeletons True
The capital city of Australia Canberra
Most popular city for tourists Sydney
When comparing the GDP of Australia to the United States, is it a lot lower, a lot higher, or about the same same
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