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OMD-5 Elem Pattern

OMD- 5 Element Pattern Identification

Five element patternManifestationsZang-Fu pattern
Wood not generating Fire Weakness, timidity, palpitations, poor memory, insomna, thin or choppy pulse LV and HT Blood Deficiency
Fire not generating Earth Loose stools, feeling cold, weak limbs, distended abdomen, diarrhea, edema SP Yang Deficiency
*Earth not generating Metal Phlegm in chest, cough, fatigue, empty pulse Damp-Phlegm Obstructing the Lung
Metal not generating Water Cough, breathlessness, loss of voice, asthma KD failing to receive Qi
Metal not generating Water Shortness o breath, thirst, scanty dark urine, weak knees, low backache LU and KD Yin Deficiency
Water not generating Wood Dizziness, vertigo, headaches, blurred vision LV Yang Rising
Water not generating Wood Night sweating, low grade fever, soreness on back KD and LV Yin Deficiency
Wood overacting on Earth Hypochondriac/epigastric pain, abdominal distension, irritability, loose stools, poor appetite, greenish face LV invading SP
Earth overacting on Water Edema, dysuria, yellowish face Dampness obstructing the KD
Earth overacting on Water Constipation, dry mouth and lips, thin rapid pulse ST Fire & KD Yin Deficiency
Water overacting on Fire Edema in the ankles, backache, feeling cold, dizziness, expectoration of thin watery sputum, palpitations KD Yang Deficiency w/ Water overflowing to the Heart
Water overacting on Fire Palpitations, fullness in chest and epigastrium, cough with mucoid sputum, lassitude, weakness, cold limbs KD and SP Yang Deficiency w/ accumulation of Phlegm-Fluid obstructing Heart Yang
Fire overacting on Metal Cough with profuse yellow sputum, feeling of heat, red face LU Yin Deficiency, LU Heat(Excess)
Metal Overacting on Wood (deficient pattern) Fatigue, irritability, feeling of distention, cough, white face LV Qi Stagnation
Wood insulting Metal Chest and hypochondriac distension, cough, asthmatic breathing, bitter taste, irritability, string-taut pulse LU QI Deficiency and Stagnation
Metal insulting Fire Palpitations, insomnia, breathlessness HT QI and Blood Deficiency
Fire insulting Water Malar flush, dry mouth at night, insomnia, dizziness, low back pain, night sweating Disharmony between HT and KD (HT and KD Yin Deficiency)
*Water insulting Earth Loose stools, edema, fatigue, weak limbs SP and KD Yang Deficiency (Both are deficient)
Earth insulting Wood Jaundice, a sty, hypochondriac pain and distension LV QI stagnation
Wood not generating Fire Timididy, lack of courage, indecision, palpitations, insomnia (early a.m.) Gallbladder Deficient (Gallbladder and Heart Qi Def.)
Created by: sbusbu