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Westward Expansion


Famous trapper, hunter, and cleared a path through the wilderness to Kentucky. Daniel Boone
Name of the path made by Boone? Cumberland Gap (Warriors' Path)
What is the name of his settlement? Boonesboro
A boat with a flat bottom and square ends, used to transport heavy loads in shallow water. flatboat
Hired by Thomas Jefferson to lead the exploration of the Louisiana Territory? Lewis and Clark
Why was it difficult to travel in America in the early 1700's? Rocky and muddy paths.(No roads) crossing rivers and streams
What made people want to move west? 1 adventure 2 new, rich land for farming 3 to start over
Which president was curious about the Louisiana Territory? Thomas Jefferson
Who was Sacagawea? A Native American who helped Lewis and Clark explore.
Explorer that settled in Colorado. Zebulon Pike
What peak is named after him? Pike's Peak
Man that tricked Indians into selling their land for cheap. He later became president. William Henry Harrison
Shawnee chief that made a plan to defeat the Americans. Tecumseh
________ and Indians fought against America. British
________ was killed in 1813. Tecumseh
First improvement to transportation, a small but important change. Stagecoach
New roads that people were charged to drive on. Turnpikes
Boats that have a steam engine, faster and cheaper travel, Steamboats
Invented by Robert Fulton Steamboats
_____ canal greatly improved the speed of travel. Erie
How long was the Erie canal? 363 miles long
What year was the first railroad built? 1828
What year was the first steam engine? 1830
Why did the Native Americans resent the settlers who moved into the West? The settlers were taking land that the Native Americans believed was theirs
What was Tecumseh's plan to resist the American settlers? To unite the indians against the settlers
What was the biggest advantage of the steamboat compared to other river travel? It could travel upstream
What was the name of the canal built in New York that inspired other river travel? Erie
Which was more efficient, the railroads or canals? Railroads
An enclosure or pen in which prisoners are kept. stockade
Large swampy grassland located in southern Florida. Everglades
What happened to the Native Americans as the Americans took more and more land? They joined to fight with the British
What is manifest destiny? It was obvious to all that America's March to the Pacific ocean was a certainty in the future
When Americans moved into Texas, what did the Mexican government ask them to do? Adopt the Catholic religion and become LOYAL Mexican citizens and free all slaves
What makes the Alamo memorable? The Texan's rally cry "Remember the Alamo"
Why did Texas have to wait 9 years to become a state? Had to wait on Congress of the United States to agree. (because they were still a slave state)
Why was Oregon Country so valuable to America? The fur of its animals.
What happened when both the United States and Great Britain wanted the Oregon country? They divided it
What were some of the new areas president Polk wanted to add to the US? New Mexico and California
What did the Mormons settle in the Far West? Religious freedom
What were some aspects about the California gold rush? Most people didn't get rich. 1860 was the great gold rush of California.
Where was gold found first? Sutter's Mill
The first man to find gold. John Sutter
What year did the War with Mexico start? May 13, 1846
Mexico resented the loss of _____. Texas
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