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VCR book A part 1/2

vocabulary from classical roots

monos one
monologue a long speech made by one performer or person in a group
monarch a person who rules a kingdom or empire or a large black and orange american butterfly
monogram a design composed of letters
monopoly executive control of the trade in some item or service or sole ownership or control of anything
monolith a large block of stone or a large organization that acts as a single unit
unus one
unanimous being in complete agreement
unilateral one sided; done by affecting one and not another
duo two
duplex twofold
duplex a dwelling with 2 living units
duplicate to make and identical copy or double of somthing
bi two
bilateral having 2 sides
bipartisan involving 2 political parties
bisect to divide into 2 equal parts
tri three
tres three
trilogy a group of three literary or musical works that have a related theme
trisect to divide into 3 parts
triumvirate a group of three especially in authority
quartus fourth
quatuor four
quadrant a quarter of a circle or its circumference or any of the 4 parts of an area divided by perpendicular lines or an early machine for measuring altitudes
quartet a musical composition for four voices or instruments or a set of four
quatrain a stanza or group of 4 lines of poetry
decem ten
decimate to destroy a large part of or to kill one in every 10
decathlon an athletic contest in which each contestant takes part in 10 events
centum hundred
bicentennial 200th anniversary or happening every 200 years
centenary pertaining to a 100 year period or a centennial
centigrade a thermometer scale where water freezes at 0 degrees and boils at 100 degrees
pan all
pandemonium uproar (not always bad)
panacea a cure-all for diseases
omnis all
omnipotent having unlimited power
omnipresent present everywhere
omnivorous eating both plants and meat or devouring everything, especially intellectually
holos whole
catholic universal, including most things
Catholic referring to the Roman Catholic church
holocaust a great destruction especially by fire
Holocaust murder by the Nazis of over 6 million Jews, and millions of other people in WWII
totus whole
totalitarian referring to a form of government in which one person or party holds absolute control
claudo, claudere, clausi, clausum to close
cloister a covered walk along the inside walls of a building
cloister a monastery of similar place of religious seclusion
cloister to seclude as in a monastery
preclude to prevent; to make impossible
recluse a person who avoids mixing with people
incipio, incepere, incepi, inceptum to begin
inception the beginning of something
incipient in the early stages, beginning
nihil nothing
annihilate to destroy completly
nihilism the total rejection of religious or moral beliefs
nego, negare, negavi, negatum to deny
negate to disapprove; to nullify or to rule out; to cancel; to repeal
renegade one who deserts a group, cause, faith, Etc.
vanus empty
vaccus empty
vacuous empty, especially for meaning or purpose
vanity conceit especially about one's appearance or a dressing table or something worthless or useless
vaunt to boast; to brag about
aperio, aperire, aperui, apertum to open
aperture an opening, especially one that emits light
overt done or shone openly
covert hidden, done in secrecy
micros small
microbe an organism invisible to the naked eye, especially one that causes disease
microcosm a miniature world; something that resembles something else on a smaller scale
minuo, minuere, minui, minutum to lessen
minus less
minescule extremely small
minutia a small or trivial detail
tenuo, tenuare, tenuavi, tenuatum to make thin
tenuis thin
attenuate to make slender or small or to weaken; to reduce in force or value
tenuous thin in form or flimsy having little substance or validity
satis enough
satiate to satisfy an appetite fully
impleo, implere, implevi, implentum to fill
plenus full
comply to do as one is asked or ordered
implement a tool or utensil or to carry out to put into effect
replete well-stocked or abundantly supplied or completely filled; utterly satisfied
expletive an exclamation or oath, often obscene
copia plenty
copious plentiful; in large amounts
makros large
macrocosm the universe or any great whole
magnus great
magnanimous noble and generous, especially in forgiving, not petty
magnate a wealthy, influential person, especially in business
magnitude the degree of brightness in a star or Greatness of importance or size
megas great
megalomania a form of mental illness in which a person has exaggerated ideas of his or her own importance or an obsessive idea to do things on a grand scale
poly many
polygamy the system of having more than one spouse at a time
polygon a flat shape with many straight sides
ante before
antebellum of a period before war, especially the American Civil War
antecedent a thing or event that proceeds or the noun to which a pronoun refers or Preceding; going before
anterior coming before in position or time
avant-garde ahead of the times especially in the arts or a group that is ahead of the times
vanguard the foremost position
pre before
precept a command; a rule of conduct
predestination the belief that what happens in human life had been determined by some higher power
preempt to take possession of something before someone else can do so
premonition a warning in advance
preposterous absurd contrary to nature or reason
pretentious showy; pompous; claiming unjustified distinction
primus first
premier first in time or importance or a prime minister or head of state
primate an archbishop or bishop who ranks highest among others or a member of an order of animals that includes monkeys, apes, and humans
prime chief; most important or first in rank, excellence, quality, importance, or time or to prepare a thing of person for use or action
primeval belonging to the first ages; ancient
primordial primeval, original; fundamental
post after
posterior situated behind or at the back
posterity future generations or a person's descendants
posthumous occurring or continuing after death
ars, artis art
artifact an object made by humans; often refers to a primitive tool or other relic from a previous period
artifice craftiness;trickery or cleverness;skill
artless without deceit or cunning; natural; simple or crude; ignorant; uncultured
artisan A skilled craftsperson
aoide song
ode A poem to something or someone who has stimulated deep and noble feelings in the poet
parody A humorous imitation of a piece of literature or music To mimic a style or plot for comic effect
rhapsody Speech or writing expressing great pleasure or enthusiasm
canto, cantare, cantavi, cantatum to sing
incantation the chanting of words seeming to have magical power or used to create a magical spell
recant to take back a formal statement or belief previously made known
pingo, pingere, pinxi, pictum to paint to embroider
depict to paint, draw, or express in a picture or sculpture or to picture in words
pictograph a picture or drawing representing words or ideas
cresco, crescere, crevi, cretum to grow to increase
accrue to come as a natural increase or advantage
crescendo a gradual increase in sound
excrescence abnormal growth or outgrowth
facio, facere, feci, factum to make
beneficence doing good or causing good to be done; kindly action
efficacious effective as a means or remedy
facile acting, working, or proceeding with ease; fluent
facsimile an exact copy of a book, painting, document, etc.
faction a group or clique within a larger group party or government Conflict within an organization or nation
mollify to calm; to make gentler or softer in feeling
texo, texere, texui, textum to weave
context the parts before or after a word or statement that influence its meaning
pretext a false reason put forward to conceal a true one
trans across
transgress to go beyond or over set limits; to break a rule
transitive describing an action carried from subject to verb to object; needing a direct object to complete the meaning of the verb
transitory lasting for only a short while
translucent permitting light to pass through, but not transparant
eo, ire, ivi, itum to go
ambiance environment; the surrounding atmosphere
obituary notice of death with biographical info
transient passing quickly; transitory or staying only a short time or a person or thing having a short stay
erro, errare, erravi, erratum to wander to stray
aberration straying from what is normal or acceped
erratic irregular or inconsistent in movement, habit, or quality in ideas
hodos journey
episode an incident in a person's life or in a story or play
exodus mass departure or emigration
iter, itineris journey
itinerant traveling from place to place; transitory or a person who travels from place to place
itinerary a route of travel or a plan or record of a journey
venio, venire, veni, ventum to come
advent arrival or coming into being
circumvent to avoid, to evade by cleverness or to avoid by passing around
convene to assemble, especially for a meeting
intervene to occur between events or periods or to come between, thereby easing the situation or to interfere or to interrupt
tele at a distance
telepathy communication between 2 minds without sensory means
via way, street, road, journey
deviate to turn aside from a course norm pattern or subject
devious winding; roundabout or underhanded; Deceptive
impervious not penetrable by light rays,moisture, etc. or incapable of being influenced or affected
lucere to shine
celer swift
accelerate to cause faster movement; to go faster
celerity swiftness; quickness speed
curro,currere, cucurri, cursum to run
cursor, cursoris runner
concur to agree; to cooperate or to coincide; to happen simultaneously
discourse conversation or a formal discussion of a subject in speech or to talk; to discuss formally in speech or writing
incur to meet with; to run into; to bring upon oneself
precursor forerunner
succor to help in time of distress or to render help to
glomus ball
conglomeration a collection of unrelated things
jacio, jacere, jeci, jactum to throw
abject humiliating and miserable or contemptible
conjecture an opinion formed from inconclusive evidence; a guess or to conclude from insufficient evidence
interjection a word or phrase sometimes inserted between other words, often expressing emotion; a word not liked grammatically to other words in the sentence
salio, salire, salui, saltum to jump To leap
assail to attack violently; to assault or to attack with words; to ridicule or criticize harshly.
desultory jumping from one thing to another; rambling or haphazard or random
exult to rejoice greatly; to be triumphant
resilient capable of returning to the original shape after being bent or stretched or buoyant; recovering quickly from illness, change, or misfortune
salient conspicuous; striking or projecting up of out
valeo, valere, valui, valitum to be strong
convalesce to recover health after illness
avail to use to one's own advantage
prevalent widely occurring or in general use
valor heroic courage; bravery
volvo, volvere, volvi, volutum to revolve
evolve to develop gradually or to change from a simpler to more complex form of animal of plant life
voluble speaking in a stead, easy flow of words; talkative; gib
apis bee
apiary a place where hives or colonies of bees are kept for their honey
avis bird
aviary a house, enclosure, or large cage for birds
bos, bovis cow, ox
bovine having the quality of a cow or ox sluggish, dull
canis dog
canine member of the family of dogs or pertaining to the family of dogs, and especially the qualities associated with them
caper (m) capra (f) goat
caper a playful hop or leap; a prank or wild escapade; to leap frolic of frisk about
caprice a sudden impulse, whim, or unmotivated change of mind
capricious subject of whim; impulsive; unpredictable or fickle
equus horse
equine pertaining to a horse; belonging to the family of horses and zebras
equitation the art of riding horses
Exodus The departure of the Israelites from Egypt
Advent the period beginning 4 weeks before Christmas
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