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Constitution Test

What I need to know for my Constitutions Test

natural rights life, liberty, and property
preamble introductory sentence to the constitution
popular soverignty people limit the government
federalism divide between federal and state
limited government government has restrictions
separation of powers 3 branches
checks and balances each branch can check eachother
individual rights people have rights that can't be taken away
powers of article I congress can make laws and taxes and declare war
prohibitions of article I write of habeas corpus, bill of attainder, ex post facto
two houses of congress senate, house of representatives
qualifications of president 35, natural born
qualifications of senate 30, 9 year citizenship
qualifications of house of representatives 25, 7 year citizenship
qualifications of supreme court none
article I legislative
article II executive
article III judicial
article IV states respect laws of other states
article V Constitution can be changed
article VI "supreme law of the land"
article VII ratification
powers of the president treaties, appoint ambassadors and officers
what is the cabinet group to give advice to president
first 3 successors of president VP, speaker of house senate president protempor
john locke ideals people are good
thomas hobbes ideals people are evil
james maddison father of the constitution
baron charles de montesquieu 3 branches
gouverneur morris wrote the constitution
anarchy lack of government
aristocracy government of the best
monarchy government of one
deomcracy government of the people
theocracy religion based government
bill draft of a law idea
law a rule with penalties when broken
veto to say no
override reject or cancel 2/3
amend modify formally
writ of habeas corpus must appear in court when charged with a crime
bill of attainder cannot pass law against group of people
ex post facto law law that makes an action legal when it occurred illegal
"supreme law of the land" constitution is the highest law in the US
article parts of the constitution
majority More than half
Constitution Plan of government
Created by: edenbreslauer