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Isee Vocab

Vocab Words

debunk To prove false.
allege To declare something is true without proof.
abdicate To give up power.
assess To evaluate or determine the worth of.
accord To be in agreement.
parody A humorous imitation.
jest To joke.
conventional A tradition or ordinary.
condone To forgive or disreguard an offense.
recalcitrant Disobedient or stubborn.
ratify To approve, usually a law.
inquiry A request for information.
eradicate To erase or get rid of.
dormant Temporarily inactive; asleep.
reminiscence A memory; the act of recalling the past.
lament To express grief for; mourn.
immaculate Perfectly clean.
benign Harmless.
plight A bad situation, a predicament.
quiver Aportable container for arrows.
indictment The situation of having been charged with a crime.
hovel A shack.
barrage A flood.
profane To abuse or put to ill use.
notorious Known widely and unfavorably.
irate Enraged.
insulent Disrespectful and rude.
deficient Lacking an essential part.
debilitating Weakening, harmful.
animosity Hostility.
placate To quiet down, appease.
extol To praise.
congenial Agreeable.
amiable Friendly; good natured.
writhe To twist.
remote far away; distant.
amorphous Without shape.
ambiguous Unclear.
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