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Chapter 16 Review

Chapter 16: Life in the West

What led to the Lewis and Clark expedition in 1804? Louisiana Purchase
What group was important to the survival of the members of the Lewis and Clark expedition? American Indians
What was one legacy of the Lewis and Clark expedition? They mapped a route to the Pacific.
In the 1830's, what was California's main industry? cattle ranching
Who were the ancestors of the Californios? Spanish
What is another name for the mountain men? fur trappers
What was one legacy of the Californios? city names
What was an important legacy of the early missionaries to Oregon? They opened the west for settlers.
What did pioneer women achieve well before women int he East? They voted in elections.
What did Biddy Mason achieve in the West? She legally won her freedom from slavery.
What was one effect of the California gold rush? California achieved statehood.
What describes the experience of many Chinese immigrants in California? They were subjected to prejudice and abuse.
What was one contribution of Chinese immigrants to the United States? cultural diversity
Why did the Mormons move west to Utah? to settle where they could freely practice their beliefs
Which of these is a legacy of John Fremont and Zebulon Pike? They inspired settlers to move to the West.
Which of these was a challenge for many people who traveled to the West? Rocky Mountains
What physical feature created the greatest hardship for settlers traveling on the Oregon and Mormon Trails? mountains
What was the final destination of the Mormons? Salt Lake City, Utah
How did the Oregon and Mormon Trails differ? Both trails had different starting points. People traveling along to Oregon Trail had more hardships and a much longer trip.
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