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Thomas Jefferson

Tax on foreign imported goods Tariff
laws that violate the intent of the farmers of the Constitution Unconstitional
To pay money in order to trade freely Tribute
Resulted in electors voting separately for president and vice president 12th amendement
To kidnap civilians and force them to serve in the military against their will Impressement
Not choosing sides in a dispute or argument Neutrality
To not trade with another country Embargo
To cut off a country or port by using naval vessels to stop items form coming in or out Blockade
To not allow Prohibit
Thomas Jefferson was elected president in which of the following years? 1800 and 1804
Which individual received the same amount of votes as Jefferson during his first election? Erin Burr
Which group decided the outcome of the election of 1800? The house of Represenatives
Why was the 12th Amendment added to the Constitution? ( Hamiliton) Elimating the tie between the president and vice president
What are the 3 ways that Jefferson cut spending when he became president strict economy in government, ended many taxes, reduce size of military
John Marshall is most noted for his decision in Marbury v. Madison, which established the principle of….. Judicial Review ( has the power to declare laws that are unconstitutional)
Which country declared war on the U.S. in 1801? Tripol
The declaration of war from the country above was the result of Jefferson's…. "Millions for defense, but not one cent for tribute"
The war against the Barbary pirates demonstrated that the U.S. needed a stronger... navy
What did Jefferson initially want Monroe and Livingston to purchase? New Orleans and Western Florida
How much did the LA purchase cost the U.S.? $15,000,000
What reason that Napoleon sold Louisiana Territory to the U.S.? Unbanded his plans for a colonial empire and continued the struggle for world leadership in Europe
Who did Jefferson choose to explore the Losisinna Territory? Captain Meriweather Louis and William Clark
How would such a route have benefited the U.S.? Better trade routes and find more national resources
What issue led to Embargo act of 1807? Impressment British and the French and Britian war
What did the Embargo act do? Ban on trade to all countries
What happened to the economy of the U.S. as a result of the Embargo act of 1807? Suffered econmic disaters which led to struggles
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