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French Idioms

Avaler des couleuvres "To swallow grass snakes" To put up with humiliation
Avoir bon dos "To have a good back" To be a scapegoat
Avoir d’autres chats à fouetter "To have other cats to whip" To have other fish to fry - To have other/better things to do
Avoir le cœur sur la main "To have a heart in hand" To be generous
Bête noire "Black beast" Enemy, nemesis or an obvious mistake
Bon an, mal an "Good year, bad year" Year in, year out
Comme un éléphant dans un magasin de porcelaine "Like an elephant in a porcelain shop" Recklessly Uncoordinated
Comme un poisson dans l'eau "Like a fish in water" At ease
Conduire comme un pied "To drive like a foot" To drive horribly
Couper les cheveux en quatre "To cut hairs in four" To split hairs
Coûter les yeux de la tête "To cost the eyes of the head" To be very expensive
Ça me dit quelque chose "That tells me something" That rings a bell
Ça me prend la tête "That takes my head" That drives me crazy / That annoys me
Ça ne tient pas debout "It doesn’t stand upright" It doesn’t make any sense
(Les) doigts dans le nez "Fingers in the nose" Very easy
En un clin d’œil "In the wink of an eye" Quickly
Esprit de l’escalier "Spirit of the stairway" Thinking of a witty response way too late
Avoir le melon "To have the melon" To be sure of oneself
Jeter l'éponge "To throw in the sponge" To give up, throw in the towel
Manger ses mots "To eat one's words" To mumbler
Manger sur le pouce "Eat on the thumb" Eat very quickly
mort de rire "Die of laughter"
Ce ne sont pas vos oignons "These aren't your onions" It's none of your business
Pleuvoir des cordes "To rain ropes" Raining cats and dogs
Prendre son pied "Take one's foot" Have a good time
Se creuser la tête "To dig into the head" To think hard of something, remember
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