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U.S. defeated ________ in the war of 1812. british
James Monroe was elected president and serving in 1816 in what became known as ___________. era of good feeling
period of relative peace and national pride era of good feeling
_______________ between britain and the U.S. limited ___________ on the great lakees for both countries rush-bagot agreement~naval power
______________ started when andrew jackson crossed into florida to capture indian raiders first seminole war
_____________ ceded florida to the U.S. and U.S. agreed to give up land in present day texas adams-onis treaty of 1819
__________ nicknamed the liberator led many of fights for independence in..... simon boliver~central and south america in the early 1800's
_______ wanted to team with U.S. to issue warning to _________ countries not to interfere with...... britain~european~latin america
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