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The Awesome History

Who was Voltaire? A French writer of literature who wrote to endorse Enlightenment ideas.
Who was Napoleon? A general in the French military who gained many victories using unusual tactics.
Nationalism Intense devotion & loyalty to ones own people.
What is crop rotation? Planting different crops in the same fields each year to enrich the soil.
What were cottage industries? Wool was spun and merged into cloth in people's homes.
What did Jethro Tull invent? The seed drill
What did Andrew Meikle invent? The threshing machine
What did Eli Whitney invent? The cotton gin
What did Cyrus McCormick invent? The reaping machine
What did John Fowler invent? The steam tractor
When did the Industrial Revolution take place and what was it? During the 18th &19th centuries; great changes
Created by: darlagreen