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Post-Recon Saul

Post Reconstruction

Carpetbaggers People from the north that tried to take advantage of the financial situation in the south
Scalawags People from the south that were sympathetic to the Republican party during Reconstruction
New South South becoming more industrial
Solid South South voting for the same party consistently
8 Box Law A primitive Literacy test that tries to disenfranchise African Americans
Disenfranchise Strip away the right to vote
Poll Tax A tax in order to vote- a way to disenfranchise African Americans
Grandfather Clause If your grandfather could vote in 1860, you can vote. Loophole in the poll tax and other literacy test
Jim Crow Laws makes segregation legal
Benjamin Tillman- AKA Pitchfork Ben Appeals to the common man, blames African Americans for the struggles in SC
Plessy v. Ferguson Seperate but equal facilities are constitutional
voting under Ben Tillman Literacy test- interpret the US Constitution Poll Tax- paid 6 months in advance
Purpose of Jim Crow Laws Restrict African Americans
Example of Segregation Whites and Blacks going to different schools, restaurants, etc.
During Post-Reconstruction, term many southerners called the Civil War Lost Cause
Main supporters of Pitchfork Ben Poor, white farmers
Reason Clemson was established To study agriculture
Reason most people moved to the Upstate Farmers struggled, moved to textile mills for a more consistent job
Disasters that set SC back Earthquake of 1886 and Hurricane of 1893
Types of industries in SC Textiles, Phosphate mining, and wood
Created by: sauljr20