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Chapter 11 Vocab

Sectionalism an exaggerated loyalty to ones's own area rather than to the country as a whole
Free States one that didn't permit slavery
Slave State one that did permit slavery
Missouri Compromise a compromise made by congress to make Missouri a free state
Caucuses any political group or meeting organized to further special interest or cause
Mud-slinging attacking the other candidate and trying to damage the person's reputation by making malicious changes
Platform a document that outlines the principles and policies that a political party supplies
Spoils System the practice of appointed people to public offices based on personal loyalty and party service
Nullifiers called themselves the State's Rights and Free Trade Party
Unionists State Rights and Union Party
Treason the crime of trying to overthrow the government of one's state or country
Capital money that is used or invested in to build more wealth
Test Oath an oath of loyalty to one's country
Created by: KeyLime1600