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Chapter 10 Vocab

Nationalism an intense feeling of loyalty pride and respect for one's own country
Annex the area, making it a part of the U.S
Ceded gone
Impressment forcing a person into public service
War Hawks people who wanted to capture Canada and end the Indian threat
Secede to leave the Union
Electorate people who are eligible to vote
Academies schools similar to our high schools
Suffrage the right to vote
Turn Pikes roads that are paved
Toll fee
Internal Improvement transportation projects
Canals waterways that join one river or body of water to another
Appropiate set aside
Ferry a large boat designed to carry passengers, goods, or vehicles across a body of water
Credit when you are able to pay for the land over a period of time
Deppression when economy slows down
Created by: KeyLime1600