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Renaissance a rebirth;the great revival of art and learning in europe in the 14th,15th, and 16th centuries
humanism ant system of thought based on the interests and ideals of humanity
renaissance man one skilled and knowledgeable in many fields
patron a person usually wealthy,who sponsors and supports some person or activity
realism a tendency to face facts and be practical
protestant any christian not belonging to the roman catholic church or the eastern orthodox church
reformation a reforming or being reformed
vernacular using the native language of a place
indulgences an indulging or being indulgent
heretic one who professes a heresy
excommunicated to exclude from the rights or privileges
inquisition an investigation or inquest
anti-semitism the intence dislike for andprejudice against jewish people
Tintoretto Little Dyer-artist
Durer German woodcarver & engraver
Holbein German portrait painter
Van Eyck Flemish #1 oil paints
Brueghel Flemish-Genre Painting
Ghiberti Florence bronze doors-boastful
Donatello Florence-Staute of David
Renaissance Music secular & lute
Created by: jag89