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6th -Unit 2.4 L Amer

Unit 2.4 SS6H1-History

indigenous living or growing to a particular area or region
Columbian Exchange describes the exchange of crops, goods, animals, and diseases between Europe and its colonies in the Americas after Columbus' voyage in 1492
Fulgencio Batista former president and later dictator of Cuba before the 1959 Cuban Revolution
Fidel Castro former communist dictator who led the overthrow of Batista in the 1959 Cuban Revolution.
communist an economic system where private ownership is largely forbidden and all industries and resources are under the control of the state.
Cuban Missile Crisis 1962 Cold War event where the Soviet Union, with the agreement of Castro in Cuba, placed intermediate and medium-range missiles on the island of Cuba. The missiles were capable of reaching the United States
cartel a group which controls the trade of a specific product or service
War on Drugs when the United States government started going after the suppliers of illegal drugs
immigrant a person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country.
emigrate to relocate to a new country for the purpose of employment.
naturalization the process by which a citizen of one country may become a legal citizen of another country.
cash crop grown to raise money by selling the product, rather than using it to feed local people or for trade.
Cuban Revolution occurred in 1959 when Castro seized power from Batista and declared Cuba a communist state.
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