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Great Depression

Causes and Effects of the Great Depression

What is debt? money that is owed
When was the Great Depression? between 1929 and 1930
What were characteristics of the Great Depression? high unemployment, decreased prices, decreased buying power
What is unemployment? being without a job or a way of earning a living
What were major factors that caused the Great Depression? economic weakness, unemployment, failed banks and businesses
What is a drought? long period of no rain. The midwest experienced a long drought which made farm land dust land.
What is the Dust Bowl? The Midwest experienced a six year drought and poor farming practices that created unmanageable farms
Where did people leave to escape the Dust Bowl? Midwest
Where did people move to escape the Dust Bowl? California
Who were Okies? those traveling from the Midwest to California during the Dust Bowl period. They were very unwelcome and unwanted.
What are shantytowns? Hoovervilles = makeshift homes built from scrap lumber and empty boxes in parks and other places
People took out loans to buy stocks which is called ________ led to the Great Depression. stock market speculation
Which event in history is seen by many people as the beginning of the Great Depression? Stock Market Crash of 1929
Who was the president at the time of the stock market crash in 1929? Herbert Hoover
The government intervened to __________ migration from the area. prevent
Which state was greatly affected by the Dust Bowl? Oklahoma
What did the Dust Bowl cause? The Great Depression
Overproduction in factories, overproduction by farmers, unpaid war debts and the stock market crash caused what? The Great Depression
What was a major cause of the stock market crash? Stock owners began to panic when stock prices fell.
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