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Abeka U.S. History 8

Ch. 19: The Rise of Big Government

The president known as the "Great Humanitarian" Herbert Hoover
Term given to the first three months or so of Roosevelt's presidency The First Hundred Days
Closed banks until the danger of a bank run had passed FDR
Name of the radio messages given by Roosevelt fireside chats
Amendment that repealed prohibition and legalized the sale of liquor 21st amendment
She became a U.S. delegate to the United Nations in 1945 Eleanor Roosevelt
Term for spending more than received from taxes and other revenues deficit spending
What is a result of inflating the money supply? Loses it's value and goods cost more.
About what percentage of the working force was unemployed throughout the 1930's? 15%
When was Black Tuesday? October 29, 1929
Risky investments for the chance of making quick profit. speculation
Roosevelt's economic plan for America. New Deal
The Dust Bowl was drought-riddled land including the Texas panhandle, western Kansas, and... Oklahoma
Provided jobs for young men that slept in barracks and wore uniforms Civilian Conservation Corps
Welfare that provided work such as building roads, bridges, public buildings, parks and other facilities Works Progress Administration
Government paid farmers not to plant crops Agricultural Adjustment Act
controlled flooding and made hydroelectric power Tennessee Valley Authority
The first woman to pilot a plane across the Atlantic Amelia Earhart
Wrote the pro-socialist novel The Grapes of Wrath John Steinbeck
Promoted "tax and spend" economics John Maynard Keynes
Coordinated food relief in Europe Herbert Hoover
Who began the New Deal? Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Portrayed a slanted view of the Depression in The Grapes of Wrath John Steinbeck
Who was the most famous athlete of the "Golden Age of Sports"? George Herman "Babe" Ruth
Which amendment repealed Prohibition? 21st
name the New Deal program created to control flooding, conserve soil, and bring hydroelectric power to the mid-South? Tennessee Valley Authority
What 1938 legislation dictated that the work week would not exceed 40 hours? Fair Labor Standards Act
German airship that exploded in New Jersey Hindenburg
Organized the Committee of Industrial Organizations and later became president of the CIO John L. Lewis
Name given to socialist professors who advised President Roosevelt on his New Deal programs "brain trust"
Who became head of the Communist Party, U.S.A.? Gus Hall
The kidnapping of his child was a major news event Charles Lindbergh
Secretary of Labor who questioned the programs of FDR Frances Perkins
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