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LA History Questions

Latin American History Test Review Cards

How did the Colombian Exchange impact native populations in a negative way? Diseases like small pox and measles killed many natives.
The introduction of new religion, languages and ethnic groups from the Old World to the New World across the Atlantic Ocean was called what? Colombian Exchange
How did the Triangle trade impact the culture of Latin America? New ethnic groups -Africans and blended ethnic groups
Why did European start bringing slaves from Africa to the New World? The indigenous people were dying from disease and war.
Why is the religion and languages spoken throughout Latin America similar? It was colonized by European countries.
What almost caused a nuclear war between the US and Soviet Union? Castro allowed the Soviet Union to build a missile site in Cuba.
Who restricted freedom in Cuba, made Cuba move from a market to command economy, relied on the Soviet Union for support, and was the ruler of Cuba when the US placed an embargo on Cuba, seized control of private businesses and nationalized education? Fidel Castro
Why did the catholic population in Cuba decline when Castro took power? Castro took away freedom of religion.
What two continents make up the New World? North and South America
What two continents make up the Old World? Europe and Africa
Why was the Colombian Exchange expanded to create the Triangle Trade? Slaves were needed to work on Latin American hacienda
Who was overthrown during the Cuban Revolution and why? Batista was overthrown because his government was corrupt and the people were suffering
What was the Cuban Missile Crisis? When the Soviet Union put missiles in Cuba, and the US sent a blockade to get the Soviet Union to take the missiles down
What are two reasons that Latin America struggles with poverty? lack of investment in human capital (education), and lack of jobs
What states would have the largest numbers of Latin American immigrants? states near the Mexican border
How does Cuba's government impact its relationship with the US? The US has an embargo with Cuba today
How does drug trafficking impact people in Latin America? It makes certain regions dangerous to live in. It makes the number of people wanting to emigrate to the US higher.
What is the main language spoken in Brazil? Portuguese
What is the main language spoken throughout the rest of Latin America? Spanish
What is the main religion of Latin America? Roman Catholic
Spanish and Portuguese are both from what language family? romance
What is the Cold War? When the US and Soviet Union threatened each other with nuclear war.
How does the USA's demand for narcotics impact the drug trade? If the US did not have a high demand, there would not be an issue with cartels in Latin America today
What is communism? When the government controls the economy for the benefits of tis people.
What does emigrate mean? To exit a country and move to a new country for employment
What does immigrate mean? To come into a new country
What is naturalization? When a person legally becomes a citizen of a country he/she is not a citizen of.
What is a primary source? a source written during the time period by an actual witness like a diary, letter or quote
What is a secondary source? a source written after the event is over by someone who was not a witness to the event like a newspaper, magazine or textbook
Why does the US restrict Latin American immigration to the US? They are afraid it would make it easier for drugs to cross the US/Mexico border
Why do many Central Americans wish to emigrate to the US? Because the drug cartels make it dangerous to live there.
Name several ways Castro restricted the freedoms of Cubans? no voting rights, no freedom of press, no freedom of religion, censorship of media, no freedom of speech, no freedom of assembly , no private businesses
Created by: mgilmour
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