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Expanding West

Expanding Westward Vocabulary

2000 mile long trail from Independence, Missouri to Oregon Oregon Trail
Main way of travel for the settlers traveling west Covered wagons
Trail from Independence, Missouri through the Southwest United States to Santa Fe Santa Fe Trail
Belief that it was America’s obvious fate to settle all the way to the Pacific Ocean and spread democracy Manifest Destiny
Religious group that moved West due to persecution and settled in the Salt Lake City area Mormons
Founder of the Mormons Joseph Smith
Leader who led the Mormons West to Utah Brigham Young
Land agents hired by Mexican government to bring settlers to Texas in exchange for land Empresarios
Young empresario who started an American settlement in Texas with 300 families Stephen F. Austin
Collective name for the 300 families who settled Texas with Stephen J. Austin The Old Three Hundred
Site of the battle which began the Texas Revolution Gonzales, Texas
Head of the Texas Army Sam Houston
Leader of the Mexican government General Santa Anna
Important battle of the Texas Revolution where a small force of Texans were defeated and slaughtered at an abandoned mission Battle of the Alamo
Rallying cry of the Texas Revolutoin Remember the Alamo
Texas Revolution battle where Santa Anna's forces were surrounded and Santa Anna captured by the Texans Battle of San Jacinto
11th President of the United States James K. Polk
State where President Polk was from North Carolina
Political party represented by James K. Polk Democratic Party
Cowboys who managed the large herds of cattle and sheep on Mexican ranchos Vaqueros
Early Mexican settlers in California Californios
US General who led an army into disputed region of Texas at the beginning of the Mexican-American War Zachary Taylor
Site where the first blood was shed at the beginning of the Mexican- American War Rio Grande
Event where Americans declared California an independent nation Bear Flag Revolt
Battle between the Mexicans and Americans which weakened the Mexican forces and led to the eventual defeat of Santa Anna Battle of Buena Vista
Battle where US General Winfield Scott defeated Mexican forces and captured Mexico City Battle of Veracruz
North Carolinian who played a prominent role in the war and became a prominent military officer and now has a NC military base named in his honor. Braxton Bragg
Treaty that officially ended the war and forced Mexico to give up much of its northern territory to the USA Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
Land given to the USA by Mexico that included present-day states of California, Nevada, and Utah as well as parts of Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Colorado Mexican Cession
The US government paid Mexico $10 million in exchange for the southern parts of New Mexico and Arizona, fixing the existing boundary between the USA and Mexico. Gadsden Purchase
Builder of Sutter's Fort which was used to entice settlers to California John Sutter
Group of travelers who met a tragic end when they became lost in the Sierra Nevadas for the winter Donner Party
To search for gold Prospect
Immigrants who flooded to California to find gold Forty niners
Miners who used pans or other devices to wash gold nuggets out of loose rock and gravel Placer Miners
Top 3 gold producing states in the 1850's 1. North Carolina 2. Georgia 3. California
Specific nationality of immigrants who flooded into California Chinese
Causes of Westward Expansion Belief in Manifest Destiny New lands acquired by the USA Pathfinders open trails to new territories. Gold discovered in California
Effects of Westward Expansion Native Americans forced off lands. Americans travel West to settle new areas. The USA stretches to the Pacific Ocean. California experiences a population boom.
Slogan used by James K. Polk to annex the Oregon Territory Fifty Four Forty or Fight
Treaty between the Native Americans and USA that states that the Native Americans would have control of the Great Plains and would not attack US settlers; the USA would also be allowed to build forts and roads but would stay out of Mexican lands Treaty of Fort Laramie
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