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Abeka U.S. History 8

Ch. 18: Into the Twentieth Century

Between what years did World War I take place? 1914-1918
A hero of World War I Alvin York
Made the first solo, nonstop flight across the Atlantic Charles Lindbergh
President of godly heritage from Vermont Calvin Coolidge
His assassination sparked World War I Archduke Ferdinand and his lovely wife Sofia
President during World War I Woodrow Wilson
Whose Presidency suffered the Teapot Dome scandal? Warren G. Harding
Was NOT a spokesman against Modernism and evolution F. Scott Fitzgerald
What was Billy Sunday before he was an evangelist? baseball player
Who was known as the "Lone Eagle"? Charles Lindbergh
The Allied Powers did not include this country Russia
What amendment prohibited the sale and consumption of alcohol? 18th amendment
The theater district known as Broadway is located in this city. New York City
When did America enter World War I? April 6, 1917
Who led the American Expeditionary Force in World War I? General John Pershing
What international, peace-keeping body did President Wilson try to establish? League of Nations
The only father-son inauguration took place with what President? Calvin Coolidge
The Scopes "monkey trial" was a defeat for whom? Evolutionists
The phrase "hitting the sawdust trail" refers to the evangelistic campaigns of whom? Billy Sunday
The most popular poet in the late 19th century James Whitcomb Riley
In the famous battle of the Argonne Forest, over a million American troops pushed back this enemy. The Germans
Germany, Bulgaria and Austria-Hungary formed these powers. Central Powers
The sinking of this ship turned many Americans against the Central Powers. the Lusitania
The Allied Powers and Central Powers signed this on November 11, 1918, ending WWI. armistice
The Zimmerman Note promised land to this country in return for helping Germany in the war. Mexico
Nickname for American infantrymen during WWI. doughboys
The decade of the 1920's is often called this because of the changes and prosperity in America. Roaring Twenties
What was the first automobile produced on an assembly line? Model T
What was the name of Charles Lindbergh's plane? The Spirit of St. Lewis
What is Armistice Day known as? Veteran's Day
Which amendment prohibited the sale and consumption of alcohol? 18th amendment
The "Big Four" included these nations: France, Italy, England, United States
When was Armistice Day, ending WWI? November 11, 1918
New weapons of WWI included the tank, poison gas, and this flame thrower
The Central Powers included these nations: Bulgaria, Germany, Ottoman Empire, Austria-Hungary
This important nation did not join the League of Nations United States
He led the Bolsheviks in their Communist takeover of Russia in 1917. Vladimir Lenin
He organized the national Association of the Advancement of Colored People W.E.B. DuBois
The Battle of the _______ forest was a great victory for the U.S. Argonne
This treaty between Russia and Germany effectively ended war between the two countries. Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
He led the American forces in the war General John Pershing
The only president to be sworn into office by his own father. Calvin Coolidge
This trial prohibited evolution from being taught in the public schools The Scopes Trial
The "Reds" was a term commonly used when referring to this group. Communists
This amendment gave women the right to vote. 19th Amendment
This WWI hero received the Congressional Medal of Honor for his courage. Alvin York
Anti-Communist investigator J. Edgar Hoover
Famous gangster in Chicago Al Capone
Defended the Bible at the Scopes trial William Jennings Bryan
The first Vice President to sit in on cabinet meetings Calvin Coolidge
Wrote poetry about life on New England farms Robert Frost
Term used to describe religious liberalism Modernism
Communist organization dedicated to worldwide revolution Third International
Provided for the drafting of men to serve their country in the military Selective Service Act
Term used to describe the fast paced, exciting life of the 1920's Roaring Twenties
Promoted ethnic and racial pride in arts and politics Harlem Renaissance
Regulated prices and industrial production War Industries Board
German submarines that patrolled the North Atlantic were also called this U-boats
Charles Lindbergh, the "Lone Eagle," flew from New York to Paris in this plane the Spirit of St. Louis
This famous baseball player was the first of the great home run hitters. Babe Ruth
American foot soldiers were called this. doughboys
The most famous American "ace" shot down over 20 enemy aircraft Eddie Rickenbacker
This scandal reflected badly on the presidency of Warren G. Harding Teapot Dome
This poet combined black spirituals and poetic sermons to write "God's Trombones" James Weldon Johnson ("Jimmy J.")
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