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horse riding/horses

horse riding

saddle what you sit in to ride a horse put on the back of a horse the middle back of the horse not he rear end
mane plastic like hair on the neck if a horse
tail plastic- like hair that is on the back of a horse
brushes what you use to brush a horse off
cross rails a x shaped jump
verticles a strait jump
bridle what you put on a horses face to control the horse
combs a curry comb main and tail comb
spurs you put these on to make your cooperate
crops what you use to make a horse move forward, to make them lay down,to make them back up or to make them cooperste during lessons or show whenever you are riding your horse regardless your horse is stubborn or perfection
food/feed grain/fodder/hay/grass what you feed a horse it is recommended that you only feed a horse 2-3 times a day or may cause a very death causing disease called colic
patics a home for a horse usually smaller than a pasture
pastures a horse home usually large and bigger than a pattic
tack what you use to ride with, brush off
tack rooms where you keep tack
grooming how you clean a horse by brushing them off
barns upper barn/lower barn where you keep the horse in stables throughout the day and or nights
arena where you go to ride a horse possibly in a pattic or pasture
jumping arena the arena that you go to jump in
flats arena where you show or ride flats
showing where you go to show your horse
ribbons-showing ribbons what is earned for showing on your horse
horse trailers where a horse is put to be driven someplace other than home
halter what is put on the horse with a lead rope to walk to and from places and into places usually to keep control
other animal beside/near other horses dangerous because of how large a horse is; keep other animals out from under horses and in arenas or pattics and pastures
blue ribbon 1st place
red ribbon 2nd place
yellow ribbon 3rd place
white ribbon 4th place
pink/faded pink light pink ribbon 5th place
green ribbon 6th place
purple ribbon 7th place
brown ribbon 8th place
wash racks where the horse is either bathed or cooled off from sweat
gates where the horse enters and exits the pattic or pasture
fences usually wooden,tall and wooden or wooden and tall with barbed wire and/or electric wire
space/room usually needs much space and room to keep occupied,to run wild and a space to eat and drink
show pony must act perfect, and cooperate perfectly
stables where a horse stays if it is hurt, storming badly, snowing. etc. usually built in a barn
Created by: julliette