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Ancient Past VOCAB

Yr7 Unit 1

Historian Someone trained to investigate and write about the past.
Era A long and distinct period of history.
Artefacts Man made objects or tools that historians can use to help them learn about people and societies.
Evidence Information found within a source that proves or disproves something.
Sources Written or non written items that can provide information about the past.
Primary Source From the period of time or era being studied.
Secondary Source Created or written AFTER the period of time being studied.
Chronology arrangement of events or dates in the order in which they happened.
AD, anno Domini, CE Common Era, 'in the year of Our Lord' This term means the years AFTER Christ's birth.
BC, before Christ, BCE Before Common Era, the years BEFORE Christ's birth
CE, common era used instead of AD to mean years after the birth of Christ
BCE, Before Common Era used to mean the years before the birth of Christ, used instead of BC
heritage all things which we have inherited from previous generations....events, traditions, influences and experiences.
hypothesis a theory that tries to answer questions about the past and that can be tested using evidence from the historian's sources.
perspective a person's point of view or outlook on life
prehistoric belonging to a time before people created written records (more than 5000 years ago)
Archeology the scientific study of prehistoric peoples and their cultures by analysis of their artefacts, inscriptions, monuments, etc.
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