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Adam and Jefferson

Where was Adams born? Boston, Massachusetts
Adams job before presidency? Lawyer
Why was Adams nervous to be president? Had to live up to Washington
What college did Adams attend? Harvard
What did Adams add to the government? Secretary to the cabinet and U. S. Navy
What day did Adams and Jefferson both die? July 1, 1826
What did Adams make? The Federalists
Who lead the Federalists? Adams and Hamilton
Aliens and Sedition Act Imprisoned or expelled foreigners, fined or jailed those against the government
Who made the Louisiana Purchase? Thomas Jefferson
Who did Thomas Jefferson send to explore the Louisiana Purchase? Louis and Clark
Sectionalism The country was divided into sections: North and South- Democratic Republicans and Republicans
Federalists Believe in big government, liberal, if it doesn't say we can't, we can: Adams and Hamilton
Democratic-Republicans Jefferson and Madison- Power to the people, states had the power, small government
XYZ Affair People wanted to go to war with France but Adams didn't
KY and VA Amendment Choose their own candidate and vote for vice president
The Duel Burr killed Hamilton
Created by: archergirl