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WKMS Revolutionary

WKMS Revolutionary War

Casualty a soldier or civilian who has been killed or wounded in military action
Partisan Warfare a strategy that relies on hit-and-run tactics rather than meeting the enemy head-on
Alliance a partnership between or among for a common goal, often in a conflict
Why were there so many skirmishes fought in SC? SC had a lot of loyalists to help the British fight.
Why was the Battle of Kings Mountain important? It was considered the turning point of the war in the South Carolina because after they were defeated, the British began to retreat from the interior of the state.
How did Partisan militia leaders Francis Marion, Thomas Sumter and Andrew Pickens help drive the British out of South Carolina? They continually harassed the British by making surprise attacks and then fleeing.
What three mistakes did the British make after capturing Charles Town in 1780 that caused many people to join the patriot cause? 1)They confiscated property from the Patriots. 2)They sent captured patriot leaders to St. Augustine, Florida. 3)They required paroled soldiers to take an oath of loyalty and required them to fight for the king.
How did the Patriots win the Battle of Cowpens in 1781? The Continental Army and the militia worked together and tricked Tarleton into thinking they were retreating by firing and then returning to the rear.
Why was the Continental Army unsuccessful at the Battle of Camden? The soldiers were too sick from eating little other than peaches, apples and green corn to fight effectively and the militia fighting along with the Continental Army were not trained and ran after the first shots were fired.
How were the SC militia important to the outcome of the Revolutionary War? They were responsible for driving the British out of SC.
Why was the Battle of Charlestown in 1780 an important victory for the British? The British captured a major seaport and 5,000 Continental soldiers.
Why is the Battle of Eutaw Springs considered important? After Eutaw Springs the British cleared out of the state and no longer tried to use Loyalists to win the American Revolution
Why was Patriot Isaac Hayne hanged by the British? The British wanted to make an example out of him to show the Patriots what would happen to people who accepted parole and started fighting against the king again.
Which side did the Continental Army support? The Americans
Which battle is an example of Patriot militia groups fighting against Loyalist militia groups? King's Mountain
What is a "militia" or "partisan" soldier? A person who is trained to fight as a soldier, but is not part of the regular army.
What type of strategy was used by the Patriots that engaged in partisan warfare? They used a hit-and-run strategy where they would strike the British and then flee before the British could react.
What strategy did the British use in 1780 when they were successful in capturing Charles Town? They held the city under siege.
What happened to soldiers who were given parole? The soldiers could return home if they took an oath not to fight again for either side.
Who won the American Revolution? The Americans
Stalemate a battle where there is no winner or loser (a draw)
Skirmish unplanned battles between small groups
In which region of the 13 colonies did many of the final battles of the American Revolution occur? The South
Why is the Battle of Charles Town (1776) still important to South Carolinians today? The palmetto tree on our state flag honors this battle.
Neutrality One who does not take sides in an argument
According to the Declaration of Independence, what natural rights do all people have? Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
Why was the Declaration of Independence written? to let the king know that the colonies had declared their independence and why
Why were the British not successful in taking the fort near Sullivan's Island in June of 1776 The palmetto logs from which the fort was made absorbed the British cannonballs.
Why did the Native Americans support the British during the American Revolution? The British told them they would give them their land back.
Loyalist colonists who supported the king
What strategies did the British plan to use to defeat the colonists during the American Revolution? 1) Use a blockade to take control of colonial seaports 2) cut off the New England colonies from the rest of he colonies 3) use the loyalists in the Southern Colonies to help get control.
What role did women play during the Revolution? They ran farms and businesses and served as messengers, spies and nurses.
True or False: The SC delegation at the Second Continental Congress was NOT in favor of declaring independence. False. They were in favor of independence
According to the Declaration of Independence, what can people do if the government doesn't protect their rights? They can abolish the government and create a new one.
Who were SC's signers of the Declaration of Independence? Edward Rutledge, Arthur Middleton, Thomas Lynch Jr., Thomas Heyward
Patriots colonists who supported independence and the Continental Congress
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