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Unit 5 Study Stack

Test on 2/9/2105

Establishment Clause The government cannot establish an official religion.
13th Amendment Abolished Slavery
15th Amendment Forbids the denial because of race, color, or gender.
26th Amendment If you are 18 and older you can vote.
Voter Registration You add your name to a list to prevent voter fraud.
Civil Rights Movement This movement was to end unfair treatment to blacks.
Plessy Vs. Ferguson Included the separate but equal argument
Poll Tax You had to pay to vote.
Grandfather Clause If your grandfather could vote then you could.
Dawes Act To become an American citizen Native Americans had to give up their tribe loyalty.
5 Freedoms of the First Amendment 1) Speech 2) Assembly 3) Press 4) Religion 5) Petition
Free Exercise Clause The government cannot stop you from holding any religious beliefs.
14th Amendment No life, Liberty, or property will be taken from you
19th Amendment Gave women the right to vote.
Equal Protection Clause Protects against unfair treatment or discrimination by the state/government
Jim Crow Laws Laws that kept blacks in separate facilities.
Civil Rights Act of 1964 The laws that ended segregation.
Brown Vs. Board of Education The separate but equal clause was violating the 14th Amendment
Literacy Test A test if literacy to see if blacks could vote.
Due Process A requirement that says to respect life liberty and property,
Why is the 1st Amendment the most important? Because it granted 1) Speech 2) Assembly 3) Press 4) Religion 5) Petition. I believe that these 5 freedoms are the foundation of the USA and support the "American Dream".
When the constitution was passed what were the voting requirements? 1) White 2) Male 3) Owned Property 4) You belonged to a church 5) You had to be 21 and over
Created by: 16esmith