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Antebellum SC Unit

Time Period Before the Civil War

Yeoman Farmer Small landowning farmers
Camp Meeting A religious and social event emerging from the Second Great Awakening where hundreds gathered for several days
States' Rights The belief that the rights and powers of the states are more important than the rights and powers of the federal government
Blue Laws Regulations enacted by state and local governments to restrict activities on Sunday
Mill Village A company-owned cluster of houses near a mill or factory
Nationalism Sense of pride in one's country, its people, its institutions, and government
Internal improvements Government projects to improve transportation and trade
Sectionalism Allegiance to one region of the country as opposed to loyalty to the broader interests of the whole country
Protective Tariff A duty (tax) on imports that protects American manufactured goods from competition from cheaper goods made in other countries
Missouri Compromise Allowed Maine into the Union as a free state and Missouri as a slave state
Abolitionists People who wanted to do away with slavery
Nullify Declare it invalid and of no effect within the state
Secession Dissolving the state's connection to the nation and becoming a separate nation
Manifest Destiny The belief that expansion of the nation across the continent to the Pacific Ocean was our God-given right
Compromise of 1850 California admitted to the Union as a free state
Fugitive Slave Act Required all citizens, North and South, to assist in catching and returning runaway slaves to their owners
Kansas-Nebraska Act People who moved into these two territories to decide the issue of slavery
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