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4th six weeks

Presidents and Industrial Revolution

Andrew Jackson's resettlements of Cherokee Indians Indian Removal Act
Plantations, Agriculture, Slaves Southern States
Change in the way goods were produced Industrial Revolution
Native Americans called it Trail of Tears
The dictator who sold Louisiana to the United States Napoleon Bonaparte
Country that sold Louisiana to the United States France
Price of the Louisiana Purchase 15 million dollars
5th President James Mornroe
Louisiana Purchase 1803
Interchangeable parts and the cotton gin Eli Whitney
Federalists Believed in strong central government
Document that ended European colonization of Western Hemisphere Monroe Doctrine
Early colonial cities located by Rivers and Harbors, ease of Transportation
Alexander Hamilton Created the Bank of the United States; Free Enterprise System
Famous Court Case over power of Supreme Court and Judicial Review Marbury vs. Madison
Belief that America would spread from sea to sea Manifest Destiny
Inventor of the Telegraph and code Samuel Morse
Invented a machine that reduced amount of labor for harvesting Cyrus McCormick and mechanical reaper
U.S. fights against Mexico over Texas Mexican War
First successful steamboat operator in U.S. Robert Fulton
Henry Clay's plan to keep the number of free and slave states equal Missouri Compromise of 1820
New political party based on anti-slavery platform Republican Party
Famous Anti-federalist Patrick Henry
Expedition to explore the Louisiana Purchase territory Lewis and Clark Expedition
3rd President Thomas Jefferson
United States Federal Court System District, Appellate, and Supreme
Federalists and Democratic Republicans First political parties
Interprets and decides if law are constitutonal Judicial Review
Famous speaker in South, favored Secession John C. Calhoun
Famous speaker from the West, the "Great Compromiser" Henry Clay
Economy in the South was based on Slave Labor- Agriculture
Leader of the Federalists Party Alexander Hamilton
Railroads, population, factories Northern States
Tariff or duty Tax
7th President Andrew Jackson
Leader of the Democratic Republicans Thomas Jefferson
1st President George Washington
Laws that protect American manufacturers Protective Tariffs
Economy in the North was based on Wage Labor- Manufacturing
1st railroad to cross the country Transcontinental Railroad
Jefferson's purchase that doubled the size of the U.S. Louisiana Purchase
Andrew Jackson's fight against South Carolina over States Rights Nullification Crisis
Pride in your State 1st Sectionalism
Pride in your Nation1st Nationalism
Democratic Republican party eventually evolved into Democratic Party
Washington's Farewell Address Warnings Avoid entangling alliances with other nations and avoid partisan poolitics
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