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Chapter 15 Section 3

The Mutapa Empire and The City - State of Kilwa

Why did Mutota leave Great Zimbabwe in 1420? Mutota left Great Zimbabwe in 1420, because he wanted to find a new source of salt.
What did conquered people call their leader and their companions ? Conquered people called their leader and companies mwene mutapa, which meant conqueror or the master pillager.
What happen to the empire by the time of when Mutota had died? By the time Mutota had died, the empire had captured all of what now is known as Zimbabwe except for the eastern portion.
Who was Matope and what did he declare? Matope was Mutota's son and he declared power over the area along Zambezi River to the Indian Ocean coast.
In 1500s, who attempted to overpower the dynasty? The Portuguese attempted to overpower the dynasty.
Who was Ibn Battuta and who did he look up to? Ibn Battuta called on Kilwa and he looked up to the path that the Muslim sellers and leaders lived.
Where did wealthy families live and where did they sleep? Wealthy families lived in refined houses of coral and stone and they slept in bunks central with pearly.
Why did the southerly provinces had to pour transmit toward Kilwa? Southerly provinces had to pour transmit toward Kilwa, so Asian sellers could purchase them.
Which harbor did Kilwa capture in the late 1200s and what was the town known for? Additionally in the late 1200s, Kilwa had captured the harbor of Sofala, which was a town for gold mined central.
How did governing Sofala affect Kilwa? By governing Sofala, Kilwa manged to govern the foreign trade of gold from southern Africa.
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