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Earth Patterns

Our World Today Ch2

Physical Geography the study of the earth's land, water, plants, and animals
Landforms individual features of the land, like mountains or valley
Environment natural surroundings
Region area that shares common characteristics
Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites that can tell the exact latitude and longitude of any place
Geographic information Systems (GIS) software that helps geographers gather and use different kinds of information about the same place
Plate Tectonics Theory that the crust of the earth is not an unbroken shell but consists of plates, or huge slabs of rock, that move.
Faults Cracks in the earth's crust
Plain low-lying stretch of flat or gently rolling land
Plateau flat lands that have higher elevations
Canyon steep-sided lowlands that rivers have cut through a plateau.
Aquifer underground rock layer that water flows through
Climate usual, predictable pattern of weather in an area over a long period of time.
Tropics are areas that lie near _____ imaginary line Equator
Greenhouse Effect may cause the overall temperature of the earth to increase
2 tools of geography Maps and Globes
Pesticide Powerful chemical that kills crop-destroying insects
Ecosystem Place where the plants and animals are dependent upon one another
Farmers practice Crop Rotation to avoid using up all the minerals in the soil
What does Erosion do? Wears away Natural surfaces by wind and rain
Places in the lower latitudes are near the ______ Equator
3 examples of landforms Plateaus, canyons, mountains
4 major Oceans Arctic, Atlantic, Pacific and Indian
Earth's structure is made up of _____ Plates
About 70% of the earth's surface is made of ____? Water
Tectonic plates float on top of _______ Liquid Rock
Most of our LIQUID fresh water is found ____? Underground
When altitude increases, air temperature _________? Temperature decreases
When 2 continental plates smash into each other, they produce Mountain Ranges
Temperatures are generally lower in _____ elevations Higher elevations
Most of the earth's freshwater found? Glaciers
Percent of the earths water is salt water 98%
Percent of the earth's water is fresh? 2% to 3% of the earth's water is fresh
2 major sources of air pollution Industries and vehicles
2 main tools of geography Maps and Globes
3 examples of REGIONS Western United States, Your state (Texas), Your City (Houston)
3 examples of physical characteristics Landforms, temperature, bodies of water, and resources
5 major oceans Arctic, Atlantic, Pacific, Indian and Southern
When 2 continental plates separate they cause _____ FAULTS are caused when continental plates separate
Glaciers Giant, slow-moving sheet of ice
Valleys A low area of land between hills or mountains
oceans Large bodies of salt water.
Plate Huge slab of rock that makes up the earth's crust
Greenhouse effect Warming of the earth from the buildup of gases
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