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N.Africa&Asia Rvw

Our World Today Ch4

hajj religious journey to Makkah
delta area formed from soil deposited by a river at its mouth
silt small particles of rich soil
oasis green area in a desert fed by underground water
aquifer underground rock layers that store large amounts of water
dictator an all-powerful leader
terrorism use of violent acts against civilians to achieve certain goals
secular nonreligious
constitutional monarchy form of government in which a king or queen is head of state but elected officials run the government
mosque place of worship for followers of Islam
kibbutz settlement where property is shared
moshav a settlement where people share in farming, production and selling, but each person may own private property as well.
Bedouins nomadic desert peoples who follow a traditional way of life
wadi dry riverbeds filled by rainwater from rare downpours
desalinization process that takes salt out of seawater
alluvial plain area that is built up by rich fertile soil left by river floods
embargo an order that restricts trade with another country
shah title given to kings who ruled Iran
Islamic republic government run by Muslim religious leaders
What are the 3 major world religions? Judaism, Christianity, Islam
What do all 3 religions claim as their holy city? Jerusalem
What is the oldest of the 3 major religions? Judaism
What is the largest of the three major religions? Christianity
Muslims are people that practice what religion? Islam
What is the only city in the world that is located on two continents? Istanbul
What body of water in Southwest Asia is the saltiest and lowest in the world? Dead Sea
What is Iraq's major export? Oil
What type of government does Jordan have? Constitutional Monarchy
Who is the present ruler of Jordan? King Abdullah II
What country holds 25% of the world's oil? Saudi Arabia
What are Bedouins? nomadic Arab people who follow a traditional way of life
What is the Arab Spring? Arab awakening; A revolutionary movement of protests and demonstrations in the Arab world
What is the Suez Canal? Man-made open water channel that connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea
Define monotheism Belief in one god
Define polytheism Belief in more than one god
What nation in Southwest Asia has land in both Europe and Asia? Turkey
What was Istanbul once named by the Romans? Constantinople
The nation of Israel is the site of conflict between which 2 groups, both of whom claim the area as their historical homeland? Palestinians and Israelits
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