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Africa East&Central

Our World Today CH15

Coral Reef Natural formation near the water's surface that is made of skeletons of small sea animals
Poaching Illegal hunting of protected animals
Free Enterprise System Economic system in which people can start and run businesses with little government involvement
Cassava Plant whose roots are ground into flour to make bread
Sisal Plant fiber used to make rope and twine
Habitat Environment in which a certain kind of animal lives
Eco-tourist Person who travels to another country to view its natural wonders
Drought Long period of extreme dryness and water shortages
Plates Huge slabs of rock that make up the earth's crust
Clan Group of people related to one another
Endangered Species Plant or animal threatened with extinction
Genocide The deliberate destruction of a group of people because of their race or culture
Refugee Person who flees to another country to escape persecution or disaster
Savanna Tropical grassland with few trees
Canopy Umbrella-like forest covering so thick that sunlight rarely reaches the forest floor
Hydroelectric Power Electricity generated by flowing water
Tsetse Fly A fly in Africa whose bite causes a deadly disease called sleeping sickness
Deforestation The cutting of too many trees too quickly
Created by: CCISD6