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Middle Ages

Charlemagne Early French king who went on to become emperor of the Romans
Middle Ages Time period from approximately 500 Ad to 1500 AD
Viking Fierce warriors from the north who raided towns in Europe, stealing valuables and killing many they came in contact with
Feudalism A system of protection and loyalties during the Middle Ages
Serf Lower class farmers who worked the land for the lord and were NOT allowed to leave
Noble People born into wealthy, powerful families
Knight Trained soldiers (warriors) who rode on horseback and provided military service and protection to the nobles.
Chivalry A code of conduct/behavior that includes bravery, loyalty and honesty
Tournaments Series of competitions in which a knight competed
Battle of Hastings Norman conquest of England over the Anglo-Saxons in 1066
Pope The head of the Christian church in Medieval Europe
Clergy Leaders of the church; ex. priests, bishops, pastors
Cathedral Hugh churches often decorated with stained-glass windows
Black Death Disease that spread rapidly through Europe in the 14th century killing close to 1/3 of its population
Magna Carta First official document that protected the rights of the people from the king
King John King of England who was forced to sign the Magna Carta
Crusades A series of battles in which the Christian church tried to regain control of the Holy Land
Manor System An economic system used during the Middle Ages
Renaissance A period of rebirth of learning in Europe.
Reformation The period when several church leaders broke away from the Roman Catholic church and created new branches of Christianity
Fief A contract of land.
Clergy Term for religious leaders.
Vassal A servant for someone else. They perform certain dues for the lord or noble.
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