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VS8 and 9

Full equality of people of all races in the use of public facilities and services is called what? integration
What was the name of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in 1954 that declared "separate but equal" public schools were unconstitutional? Brown vs. Board of Education
What was the name of the policy in Virginia that fought the integration of public schools? Massive Resistance
Who was the Virginia governor who led the massive resistance movement? Harry F. Byrd
An unfair difference in the treatment of people is called what? discrimination
What is the abolishment of racial segregation called? desegregation
Poll taxes were the result of what laws? Jim Crow Laws
A system where poor farmers rented land and promised to pay the landowners a share of their crops was called what? sharecropping
The segregation of people, usually based on race or religion is called what? segregation
What in Virginia grew with people, businesses, and factories? cities
During Reconstruction, what government agency helped freed African Americans? The Freedmen's Bureau
Did the rights of African Americans increase or decrease after reconstruction? Decrease
The period after the Civil War when the Southern states were rebuilt is called what? Reconstruction
What resource was discovered in Tazewell County in Virginia? coal
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